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In light of the unprecedented dimensions of conflict, violence and inequality, the Working Group on Peace, Conflict and Education was established at Teachers College, Columbia University to examine education’s role in sometimes exacerbating structural or direct violence, as well as its potential to promote peace and respect for human rights. As scholars and practitioners who are deeply committed to peace and human rights education as well as education in conflict- and crisis-affected areas, we believe that, through this effort, we will be able to initiate a process of dialogue, exchange and engaged scholarship at Teachers College, in the broader Columbia University community and beyond. This blog is a platform for students, scholars and practitioners in the field to express their views, exchange ideas and present solutions to challenges facing education in conflict- and crisis-affected areas. Further, this blog is meant to be a clearinghouse for those who are interested in these issues. Click on any of the categories above to get started. Posts are updated on a bi-weekly basis. Feel free to post your reply to the posts to continue the conversation.  If you wish to contribute to the blog or reach out to any of our guest bloggers, please e-mail us at – [email protected]