Part I: Ancient and Medieval 
Ch. 1: Aristotle and the Discovery of the Efficient Cause (Thomas M. Tuozzo)
Ch. 2: The Stoics and Galenic Medicine (R. J. Hankinson)
IR 1: Representations of Causation in the Iliad (Tobias Meyers)
Ch. 3: Late Antiquity and the Earlier Medieval Era (Ian WIlks)
Ch. 4:  Later Medieval Philosophy (Kara Richardson)
IR 2: Medieval Sacramental Theology

Part II:  Early Modern
Ch. 5: From Suarez to Descartes (Tad M. Schmaltz)
IR 3: Causation and Musical Inspiration (Ann Harwell Celenza)
Ch. 6: Spinoza and Leibniz (Martin Lin)
IR4:   Machines and Reason in Leibniz (Matthew L. Jones)
Ch. 7: Malebranche and Berkeley (Lisa Downing)

Part III:  Later Modern and Contemporary
Ch. 8:  Hume (Peter Kail)
Ch. 9: Kant (Eric Watkins)
Ch. 10: Contemporary Themes: Humean (Douglas Ehring)
Ch. 11: Contemporary Themes: Aristotelian (Stephen Mumford)