Interdisciplinary Reflections will be short essays (about 1000-1400 words or 3-4 pages of text), written by specialists in art, literature, science, or other disciplines related to philosophy. In most cases, these will be motivated by the material in a chapter and contribute to our understanding of the role of the concept in the period. In some cases, they will be related to the chapter as a point of contrast (e.g., a Buddhist account of eternity). They will be set off from the material of a chapter as a separate text and will usually contain illustrations. Some concepts lend themselves to Interdisciplinary Reflections more easily than others. Volumes with concepts that intersect easily with visual arts (e.g., space) and/or with music (e.g., sympathy) and/or science (e.g., body) might have one Interdisciplinary Reflection per chapter. The assumption is that concepts can be connected to at least some extra-philosophical material.

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