The Social Intervention Group

SIG is a multidisciplinary research center at the Columbia University School of Social Work that focuses on developing and testing effective prevention and intervention approaches and disseminates them to local, national, and international communities. The research addresses the co-occurring problems of HIV, substance abuse, intimate partner violence, and trauma, placing particular emphasis on the overlap and connections among these issues. SIG is committed to advancing the science of intervention and prevention research among highly vulnerable populations.

  • Research
    Since 1990, SIG has been a leader in behavioral and health services intervention research and uses state-of-the-art research designs and analytic methods. Their target population can be loosely defined as those who are most vulnerable. This has included low-income urban individuals, families, and communities who are affected by the overlapping problems of substance abuse, intimate partner violence, HIV, and trauma.
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  • Translation & Dissemination
    SIG endeavors to move science-based medical, behavioral, and health service interventions from a research environment to community-based settings, making them more accessible to those who need them the most.
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  • Capacity Building
    SIG serves as a resource for service providers and community-based organizations by providing assistance with technical, evaluation, and program development needs with an emphasis on bringing scientifically proven interventions to the community.
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  • Training & Mentoring
    SIG invests in the future by providing a variety of training and mentoring activities for students, faculty, and service providers in all aspects of developing novel programs of research and evaluation of prevention and intervention models.
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