The Medieval Colloquium (formerly the Medieval Guild) is a graduate student organization for medievalists at Columbia University. Our mission is to help students develop and professionalize as scholars through events such as peer-review workshops and skills seminars. Medievalists meet regularly to review article drafts, conference presentations, and other works of research, as well as to hold panel discussions on topics such as publishing an article and applying for research grants. Currently, we host a year-long speakers series that brings notable scholars from a variety of fields and disciplines to our campus. In the past, we have also organized interdisciplinary graduate student conferences, the most recent being “ ‘What is bettre than gold?’: Economies and Values in the Middle Ages” in October 2010.

The Colloquium aims to provide an informal setting that complements Columbia’s academic rigor and that enables students to have fruitful, interdisciplinary conversations about their work. Graduate students and faculty members of all disciplines are welcome to take part. Please feel free to contact us or drop in on any of our events!

Please contact us at medguild at gmail dot com