Event: Is the Foreign Policy of Brazil Keeping Up with Its Role on the Global Stage

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013


Brazil has been called a country that punches below its weight in foreign affairs. It has the worlds fifth largest population and seventh largest economy, yet it struggles to match its size with relevance on the international stage. Why isn’t Brazils foreign policy more activist, commensurate with its economic and political aspirations? Do Brazilian citizens even want a more activist foreign policy, do they care? Is Brazil large and self-sufficient, an inherently inward-looking country for whom foreign policy does not come naturally? Do its leaders seek to educate citizens to the value of foreign policy in their lives?

This event explores the relationship between the Brazilian public, its political elites, and its national ambitions as expressed in its foreign policy.

Mr. Paul Sotero, Journalist
Ambassador Luiz Felipe de Seixas Correa
Ambassador Luiz Felipe Lampreia
Professor Marcos Troyo, Co-Director of BRICLab
Professor Thomas J. Trebat, Director of the Columbia Global Center

Presented by:
Institute for Latin American Studies (ILAS), Columbia University
Center for Brazilian Studies, Columbia University
Latin American Student Organization, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs