Apply to Join the 2012-13 Editorial Board

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012



Application to the

2012–13 Editorial Board of the 

Journal of International Affairs


Thank you for your interest in joining the 2012–13 Editorial Board of the Journal of International Affairs. Since 1947, the Journal has been SIPA’s flagship academic publication, giving students the opportunity to identify and disseminate cutting-edge scholarship in the field of international affairs. Editorially independent of Columbia University, the Board is responsible for the production and publication of two issues per year: one in the fall semester and another in the spring semester. The time and effort that accompany Board membership are significant, but the experience is professionally and personally rewarding. The outgoing Editorial Board is seeking talented, highly motivated students who are committed to continuing the tradition of excellence that has been established over the Journal’s sixty-five year history.

Application Process

Each candidate for a board position will be required to submit their applications by 11:59 pm on Friday, February 3Select applicants will be invited to interview with members of the outgoing Editorial Board in early February. We expect interviews to be completed and the 2012–13 Board formed by the end of February.

Once the new Board is selected, members will be expected to commit a modest amount of time shadowing their counterpart on the current board and familiarizing themselves with the editorial and production process. They will also be expected to assist with the launch of the Spring/Summer 2012 issue in April or May.

Application Requirements

Candidates must provide the following:

1.     A completed online application form.

2.     A 7501,000 word writing sample, which can be from an academic paper or other unpublished work. Longer submissions are acceptable, but we will only read the first 1,000 words.

3.     A completed editing exercise [Word document].

4.  A current résumé or CV.

The completed documents should be emailed to Editor in Chief Paul Fraioli at [email protected].

 Good luck and thank you for applying!



Editor in Chief

  • Lead the end-to-end process of issue conception to delivery, taking ultimate responsibility for timely and final production of both print and online Journal
  •  Set and implement Journal strategy in collaboration with the Board
  • Work with Dean’s Office and External Communications to ensure that Journal strategy is in line with SIPA’s broader strategic objectives
  • Act as lead spokesperson for the Journal
  • Lead meetings and set agendas, project plans and timelines
  • Lead topic selection process for the next issue
  • Work closely with the business director to manage the budget and ensure the Journal’s long-term financial health
  • Provide feedback to the Editorial Board on progress of issues and Board performance

Senior Editor

(Four positions: two for each semester/issue)

  • Research potential themes and contributors. Fall senior editors (in conjunction with previous year’s senior editors) will start research during the summer. Spring senior editors will start research in the fall
  • Solicit and maintain relationships with authors
  • Provide and manage themes and frameworks of each issue
  • Oversee the editorial process and take ultimate responsibility for the quality and timeliness of the issue’s content
  • Work closely with managing and production directors on schedule and content issues (as they relate to layout/formatting)
  • Update the Journal’s Fact Checking Handbook and Style and Usage Guide
  • Liaise with EA director to coordinate EA needs per issue

Production Director

  • Manage go-to-press process with editor in Chief and senior editors, including creating and enforcing the production schedule
  • Attend content meetings to provide the "production perspective" to content editing decisions
  • Responsible for all the details of production including layout, design and production of camera-ready copy
  • Recruit and manage team of production assistants
  • Work with marketing director to collect advertisements for issue
  • Liaise with Sheridan Press to ensure timely/proper printing of issue
  •  Operate and oversee the desktop publishing system (currently InDesign), including working with SIPA IT to maintain office computers
  • Provide production support to other board members (examples include but not limited to: creating posters, advertisements, programs for launch, etc.)
  • Manage Journal branding by ensuring that logos, colors, fonts, etc. are used consistently in all materials, both in print and online
  • Lead editing responsibilities are optional

 Managing Editor

  • Manage publication schedule, liaising closely with senior editors and production director
  • Manage business relations (e.g., with printer, distributors, copyright clearance center, etc.)
  • Set copyright rates and grant copyright permissions
  • Obtain copyrights from authors for each issue
  • Negotiate annual printing contracts
  • Fulfill requests for new subscriptions on timely basis
  • Handle day-to-day running of the Journal office (report computer issues, provide keys, order office supplies, etc.)
  • Serve as lead editor for at least one article per issue

Business Director

  • Lead the Board in creating and abiding by an annual budget
  • Ensure that the financial health of the Journal is maintained and left in sound standing
  • Manage the budget of the Journal; work with auditor each year to ensure transparency, compliance and financial health
  • Work to ensure proper online payment and subscription fulfillment
  • Manage credit-card payments to SIPA administration and inform Sheridan of new/renewed subscriptions
  • Serve as lead editor for at least one article per issue

Book Review Editor

  • Lead process of soliciting student book reviewers
  • Research and determine books for review
  • Proof/edit content for book reviews
  • Manage the fact-checking process for each book review
  • Serve as lead editor for one to two articles per issue

Online Managing Editor

  • Manage relations with SIPA IT
  • Lead, develop and define testing and business processes for website functionality
  • Expand website capacity (i.e., e-business/order-fulfillment, new issue previews, issue-specific interactive content, etc.) Attend meetings with SIPA finance and business director on website functionality and budgeting
  • Assemble, train and lead digital assistant team to help with development of online Journaland website
  • Contribute to strategic development and management of online Journal and website, including content, design and maintenance
  • Lead the online editorial process
  • Serve as lead editor for at least one article per issue
  •  Identify, edit and publish new online-only content
  • Manage online social media marketing tools
  • Prepare website launch advertising materials in coordination with production and marketing directors

Features Editor

  • Lead the content, coordination and logistics of special contributions to each issue
  • Liaise with senior editors to determine topic for features, solicit contributors and research topics
  • Lead the development of issue features such as interviews (schedule and prepare questions) or photo essays (solicit contributors and select contributions)
  • Serve as lead editor for at least one article per issue

Cordier/GPPN Essay Editor

  • Lead process of soliciting submissions, selecting winners and proofing/editing Cordier and GPPN essay content
  • Serve as representative/contributing editor to Princeton Journal of Public and International Affairs, including attending an editing weekend in Jan./Feb.
  • Serve as lead editor for at least one article per issue

Marketing Director

  • Develop annual marketing strategy, working closely with production director to ensure promotional activities are in line with Journal branding
  •  Oversee promotion and distribution activities, including the design and production of promotional materials for each issue
  • Set advertising rates and solicit advertising for each issue
  • Lead the content, coordination, and logistics of the Thought Leadership Forum each semester to launch the issue
  • Serve as lead editor for at least one article per issue

Director of Editorial Assistants 

  • Manage relationships with editorial assistants (promote EA participation, arrange EA appreciation initiatives, maintain comprehensive list of EAs, etc.)
  • With help from production director and senior editors, hold editing workshops and training sessions for EAs
  • Serve as liaison between EAs and board members
  • Work with EIC to manage new board selection process
  • Serve as lead editor for at least one article per issue