Everybody Inhale: How Many People Can Manhattan Hold?

Sunday, March 4th, 2012


Though down from its 1910 population peak of 2.3 million residents, Manhattan’s current population of 1.6 million–plus 2.3 daily visitors–is growing, projected to increase by almost 300,000 residents in the next twenty years. Amy O’Leary of The New York Times surveys the options of growth in New York City by citing several books an Urban Planning, comparing density growth to cities like Hong Kong and taking readers behind the scenes of New York’s Urban Planning Club. 

"So if Manhattan’s slow but steady growth continues — and there’s no sign it won’t — how many people can it handle? Answers to this seemingly simple question could fill enough pages to pack a spacious studio apartment, but a quick helicopter tour of future scenarios for Manhattan’s growth shows a tangle of towers and trade-offs."

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