Data Center PUE Animation

Written on December 17, 2010 – 12:42 pm | by pmc2107

The video embedded below shows the PUE of Columbia’s Data Center from January 2010 to November 2010. The top half of the animation shows separately the IT and cooling power consumption (in yellow and green, respectively) and the total power consumption (in blue). The bottom half displays the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in red, which is the ratio of the total power load to the IT load.  During the summer months, the PUE hovers around 2.2. We see it decline towards 2.0 into November as the cooling power consumption decreases. Accurate cooling data was not available until April, and so the PUE is too low and unreliable until then.

Please watch the animation in 1080p, as the quality suffers considerably at lower resolutions.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”800″][/youtube]

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  2.   By ian on Dec 17, 2010 |

    Any spikes in the graph are usually explained by outages in the chilled water system (May 4, July 27) or maintenance on CRAC units (Aug. 5). Missing data points are most likely due to maintenance or reboots of the data collection system.

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