Mission Statement

New York City has a robust history as a center for Irish Studies, which can be seen in its exceptional Irish theatre, arts organizations, and university programs. Scholars and artists in the New York area are active in exploring the global Irish diaspora and tracing connections between Ireland and other postcolonial and small nations. This activity has been particularly energetic in recent years with the ongoing decades of centenaries commemorating major milestones and conflicts in the years leading up to and following Irish independence. Now, more than ever, there is a greater need for better communication, publicity, and resource-sharing between disciplines and institutions. The NYC Irish Studies Consortium will provide a site for scholars and artists to forge links that promote the study of Irish literature, art, history, media, and social sciences with a strong emphasis on creating bridges between Irish Studies and other diasporic and global area studies.


  • Plan events related to Irish Studies.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary work in Irish Studies.
  • Consolidate information on Irish programming throughout New York City. Provide a centralized database of events across the city.
  • Host discussion groups for new work in Irish Studies.

The group and website are moderated by Emily Bloom.


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