Professional Development

Over the period of 2018-2020, I completed all of the requirements for the ‘Advanced’ track of the Teaching Development Program at Columbia University’s Center for Teaching and Learning. The program requirements included:

        • Designing a First Class Plan and Class Policy Sheet
        • Attending all events in the Essentials of Teaching series
        • Attending six additional CTL resource workshops
          • “Teaching After the Election,” late 2016
          • “Presentations for Learning,” January 2019
          • “Learning By Observing,” October 2019
          • “Designing Effective Rubrics,” October 2019
          • “Hacking Common Classroom Environments and Challenges,” October 2019
          • “Introduction to Research Mentorship,” January 2020
        • Attending an intensive summer specialized content institute
          • Click here to view certification of completing the Innovative Summer Teaching Institute in 2017
        • Being observed in the classroom by a member of CTL staff
          • Click here for more on my observation by PhD Candidate Colin Raymond
        • Participating in a micro-teaching session
        • Observing other Columbia faculty members in their classrooms
        • Completing an online portfolio of written reflections on all sessions and events attended

Written reflections on each of these events/sessions are available upon request.