About C4

The Columbia Chemistry Careers Committee (C4) is a student- and post doc-run group dedicated to taking an active role in increasing career choices for Ph.D chemists as well as preparing scientists to make informed career decisions.  C4 events are meant to complement the traditional recruiting structure in place within the Chemistry Department.

C4 was founded in 1996 by a group of chemistry graduate students in response to a need for assistance in the transition between graduate school and the workplace. Its aim is to provide forums for very specific training and education in areas such as:

    • effective public speaking,
    • giving clear visual presentations,
    • dynamic teaching,
    • preparing for job interviews,
    • writing effective resumes,
    • how and where to gain access to important resources in career choices,
    • exploring alternative careers for Ph.D. chemists

All of the events scheduled are based on an academic year running September – June.  This forum is meant to supplement, complement and add to the already rich resources the Department of Chemistry provides including recruitment, colloquia, special named seminars and guest speakers/visiting scholars.

We welcome any and all input! Although originally intended for the pre-doctoral candidates in the Department of Chemistry, we have found that postdocs, associate research scientists, junior and adjunct professors and others often provide pearls of wisdom. We encourage any level of participation in our organization.

Everyone who attends C4 events is a member of C4 – from any department, from any school, from anywhere. Anyone can join the C4 Executive Committee by virtue of attending the next meeting and assisting in event planning.

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