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The Love Triangle in Snow.” Approaches to Teaching the Works of Orhan Pamuk. Eds. S. Türkkan and D. Damrosch. NY: MLA, 2016.

The Logic of the Beneficiary,” n+1 24 (2016), 13-24

Blue Water: A Thesis,” Review of International American Studies, 8:1 (2015)

The Performance of Poverty: On ‘Althusser’s Dramaturgy and the Critique of Ideology,’” differences 26:3, December 2015, 107-115.

Review of Mary Wilson, The Labors of Modernism: Domesticity, Servants, and Authorship in Modernist Fiction, Woolf Studies Annual, 20 (2014), 124-127

The Cosmopolitan Eliot” in Amanda Anderson and Harry Shaw, eds., A Companion to George Eliot (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013), 400-412.

The Worlding of the American Novel.” The Cambridge History of the American Novel. Ed. Leonard Cassuto. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2011. 1097-107

Enchantment? No, Thank You” in George Levine, ed., The Joy of Secularism: 11 Essays For How We Live Now (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2011), 74-94.

Review of Gilbert Achcar, The Arabs and the Holocaust, n+1 Book Review, January 2011.

Orange Juice and Agent Orange,” Occasion (Stanford), in “States of Welfare,” January 2011.

Chomsky’s Golden Rule,” New Literary History 40:3 (Autumn 2009), 547-565; published in Turkish in earlier version,Varlik (Istanbul), 2009.

The Worlding of the American Novel,” Leonard Cassuto, ed., The Cambridge History of the American Novel(Cambridge and NY: Cambridge UP, forthcoming); also in British and American Literature Studies (Shanghai), 11 (2009), 369-388.

Deadwood: Academic Freedom and Smart People,” South Atlantic Quarterly 108:4 (Fall 2009), 741-749.

Reviews of Srinivas Aravamudan, Guru English: South Asian Religion in a Cosmopolitan Language and Aamir R. Mufti,Enlightenment in the Colony: The Jewish Question and the Crisis of Postcolonial Culture, Modern Language Quarterly69:4 (December 2008), 572-577.

Roundtable on Isobel Armstrong, Victorian Glassworlds: Glass Culture and the Imagination, 1830-1880, Journal of Victorian Culture, 2010.

Comparative National Blaming: W.G. Sebald and the Bombing of Germany,” Austin Sarat and Nasser Hussain, eds.,Forgiveness, Mercy, and Clemency (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2007), 138-155.

Commodity Histories,” PMLA 120:2 (March 2005), 454-463.

Temporizing:Time and Politics in the Humanities and Human Rights,” boundary 2, 32:1 (Spring 2005), 191-208.

Reflections on Culture and Cultural Rights” (with Elsa Stamatopoulou), South Atlantic Quarterly, 102: 2/3 Spring/Summer 2004, 421-436

Reflections on Culture and Cultural Rights” (with Elsa Stamatopoulou), South Atlantic Quarterly, 102: 2/3 Spring/Summer 2004, 421-436.

Can There Be Loyalty in The Financier? Dreiser and Upward Mobility,” Leonard Cassuto and Clare Virginia Eby, eds., Cambridge Companion to Theodore Dreiser (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004), 112-126.

Cosmopolitanism, America, and the Welfare State,” “Theories of American Culture/ Theories of American Studies” ed Winfried Fluck and Thomas Claviez, REAL – Yearbook of Research in English and American Literature, 19:5 (2003), 201-224; Genre (Fall 2005), forthcoming.

Soul Making: Gayatri Spivak on Upward Mobility,” Cultural Studies, 17:1 (2003), 16-26.

The Sweatshop Sublime,” PMLA 117:1 (January 2002), 84-97; also Helen Small, ed. The Public Intellectual (Oxford: Blackwell, 2002), 179-202.

Pretend What You Like: Literature Under Construction,” Liz Beaumont Bissell, ed., The Question of Literature: The Place of the Literary in Contemporary Theory (Manchester and NY: University of Manchester Press, 2002), 190-206.

Very Busy Just Now: Globalization and Harriedness in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Unconsoled,” Comparative Literature53:4 (Fall 2001), 426-441; re-published in Globalization and the Humanities, ed. David Leiwei Li (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2004), 233-248). Also reprinted in revised form as “Post-Haste: Elevators, Trams, and Globalization” in the Ghent Urban Studies Team (GUST), ed., Post Ex Sub Dis: Urban Fragmentations and Constructions(Brussels, 010 Publishers, 2002), 221-230.

Disjoining the Left: Cultural Contradictions of Anti-Capitalism,” boundary 2 26:3 (Fall 1999), 29-38.

Celeb-Reliance: Intellectuals, Celebrity, and Upward Mobility,” Postmodern Culture 9:2 February 1999 (online journal); reprinted in Radical History Review, 76:1 (1999), 1-12.

Review of Scott Lucas, The Betrayal of Dissent and D.J. Taylor, George Orwell: The Life, The Nation, December 6, 2004, 40-42. Exchange with Christopher Hitchens, The Nation, December 27, 2004, 2.

Presentism, Pastism, Professionalism,” Victorian Literature and Culture, 27:2 (Summer 1999), 457-463.

Less Disciplinary Than Thou: Criticism and the Conflict of the Faculties,” Minnesota Review, 45/46 (1996), 95-115; reprinted in E. Ann Kaplan and George Levine, eds., The Politics of Research (New Brunswick: Rutgers UP, 1997), 93-115.