2020AD Videos

2020AD Prelude


Introduction to the Course


Study Design – Dr. Mooney from the Seattle Pandemic Response Bunker


Cluster Investigation – Dr. Rundle from the Western Massachusetts Pandemic Response Bunker


Occupational Cohorts – Andrew Ratanatharathorn from the New Hampshire Pandemic Response Bunker.  


Molecular Epidemiology and Biomarkers – Dr. Richards at the Boston Pandemic Response Bunker.


Spatial Epidemiology – Andrew Ratanatharathorn reports that the situation is becoming dire and recommends we all get our flu shot


Neighborhood Health Effects – Dr. Campbell broadcasting from the Pfizer submarine vaccine research base.


Neighborhood Audit Tools  – Stress is increasing in the Seattle Bunker and Sawborg Destructo makes an announcement.


Ecologic Studies – A glitch in the Matrix?


Sawborg Destructo announces the final project: “Asbestos Redux in Ska City”


Exposure Measurement Error – Anxiety mounts in the Boston Pandemic Response Bunker


Case-Study: Prenatal Exposure to Pollution and Childhood Obesity.  In the Connecticut Response Bunker Dr. Gatto steps away from a zoom meeting and broadcasts her video. The infamous sequence from Blade Runner with Deckard dreaming about a unicorn seeps through the static.


Case-Study: Vinyl chloride and Angiosarcoma – In the New York City Pandemic Response Bunker Dr. Campbell steps away from a zoom meeting with Dr. Fauci to broadcast her video.  Sawborg Destructo provides some perspective.  Nick Bostrom appears in the static discussing his simulation conjecture.


Finale: Into the Matrix