How To Refill IGET Hot: A Guide to Keep Your Vaping Experience on Top

The IGET Hot is a renowned vaping device in the IGET Australia lineup. Designed as a disposable vape, it boasts a high capacity of up to 5500 puffs. For those who are new to the vaping world, it’s essential to understand that while the IGET Hot 5500 is non-refillable by design, many enthusiasts have shown interest in refilling it. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive walkthrough for those daring enough to refill their IGET Hot, but always remember: proceed with caution.

Understanding Your IGET Hot

Before diving into the refilling process, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the signs that your IGET Vape Hot e-liquid is running low:

  1. Burnt Taste: This indicates that the atomizer isn’t functioning correctly due to a lack of e-liquid.
  2. Loss of Flavour: As the e-liquid diminishes, the flavour becomes less pronounced.
  3. E-liquid Leakage: A significant amount of leaking suggests that there’s not much e-liquid left.

Preparation Steps Before Refilling

  1. Check the Remaining E-liquid: The IGET Vape Hot comes with a visualized tank, allowing you to see how much e-liquid remains.
  2. Assess the Battery Power: If the bottom of the IGET Hot Vape blinks green, the battery is depleted. A constant green light means the battery is still functional.
  3. Purchase Your E-liquid: Since IGET doesn’t provide e-liquid replacements, you’ll need to source it from reputable online shops.

Step-by-Step Refilling Guide

How To Refill IGET Hot

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  1. Disassembling the IGET Hot:
    • Use pliers or a rasp to remove the bottom of the IGET Vape Hot.
    • Rotate to unscrew the vape’s shell body, revealing the battery connected to the e-liquid tank.
  2. Unscrewing the E-Liquid Tank:
    • Always keep the mouthpiece end down to prevent e-liquid leakage.
    • Rotate to detach the battery from the e-liquid tank, exposing the tank’s inner part.
    • Clean any blockages or stains inside the tank to ensure optimal functionality.
  3. Refilling the E-Liquid:
    • Use a dropper to add e-liquid to the IGET Vape Hot’s tank, ensuring the dropper doesn’t touch the container.
    • Add the e-liquid slowly to prevent spills.
    • As a guideline, 20 drops are roughly equivalent to 1 ml, but this can vary based on the e-liquid’s density and dropper size.
  4. Reassembling the IGET Hot:
    • Rotate and secure the e-liquid tank cover.
    • Reattach the shell body around the atomizer, battery, and tank.
    • Reinstall the bottom, ensuring all components are correctly aligned.

Safety Precautions

  • Potential Damage: Disassembling your IGET Hot can cause irreversible damage. It’s often safer to buy a new device than to risk malfunction.
  • E-liquid Compatibility: E-liquids from other sources might not be compatible with the IGET atomizer, leading to potential burning.
  • Environmental Concerns: Avoid high temperatures, high pressures, and dusty environments as they can cause malfunctions or explosions.
  • Flavour Degradation: Refilling your IGET Hot multiple times can lead to a loss of flavour intensity.


While refilling your IGET Hot can extend its lifespan, it’s essential to approach the process with caution. This guide is unofficial and for reference only. Any consequences of disassembling, refilling, and recharging the IGET Vape Hot are solely the user’s responsibility. For the best vaping experience, consider purchasing a new IGET Hot 5500 from IGET Vape Official when yours runs out.

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