Events Spring 2014

Announcement: Medieval Guild has changed its name to Medieval Colloquium.

Workshops and Talks 

Regular meeting place and time to be decided.

02/12. Speaker Series. Professor Jessica Brantley (Yale). Title: “Macaronic Texts and Imported Images:  Mixed Forms in the Pavement Hours (York MS XVI.K.6).”

Time: Friday, 02/12, 6.10pm. Location: Kent Hall, room 511.

The book of hours was by far the most common book of the late Middle Ages. This talk will consider the implications of that fact for the vernacular literary cultures that surrounded the popular prayerbook, focusing in particular on the hybrid forms of text and image that comprise one complex illustrated manuscript from late-medieval York, the Pavement Hours (York Minster XVI.K.6).

02/21. Speaker Series. Keynote. Professor Nicholas Watson (Harvard). Title: “The Construction of Sacred Power: Vision and Liturgy in John of Morigny’s Book of Flowers (1301-1315).”  

Time: 02/21, 6pm. Location: Hamilton Hall, room 516

3/12 – Bruce Holsinger – Reading from and discussing his New Novel, “A Burnable Book”. 1pm. CO1 Knox Hall. 606 122nd St.

Medieval England never tasted so rich nor smelled so foul as in this descriptive and intricately layered mystery. Holsinger…succeeds in elevating the missing manuscript genre to new heights that will entertain readers of both fiction and nonfiction.” - Library Journal

“John Gower is the perfect narrator and amateur sleuth…Holsinger’s research, alongside the energetic vulgarity of a language in flux, delivers up a world where even the filth is colorful.” The New York Times Book Review 

(SPRING BREAK – 3/19 – Open Session – 404 Barnard Hall - 6:00–8:00pm)

4/2 –  Gianmarco Saretto – Paper Workshop on Skin in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. 404 Barnard Hall - 6:00–8:00pm

4/16 – Audrey Walton – Article/Paper/Chapter Workshop on Piers Plowman – 404 Barnard Hall -  4:30-6:30pm


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