How to Write the Perfect Marketing Plan: A Complete Guide

The secret to a successful marketing strategy is an effective marketing plan. Contemporary organizations spend a lot of time and resources to draft the most appropriate marketing plan which can help them to achieve their organizational goals. As a student of business management, it is expected that you should be able to prepare good quality marketing plans for any given company in your marketing management papers. But it you are struggling with your marketing plan and looking for paper writing help, then you have come to the right place. Let us show you how to prepare a perfect marketing plan to ace your papers.

Marketing Plan Structure

The secret to writing an excellent marketing plan lies in its structure. It needs to cover all the information needed for the reader to understand, what the company is all about, where it stands, what it wants to achieve and what the proposed plans that can help it to achieve its goals.

1) Company Background: In this section you need to provide some background information about the chosen company, preferably the nature of business, the key market where it operates, its market share and revenue. Such information can be easily found in credible websites like Statista, Bloomberg, etc.

2) Define the Goals: Before you start designing your marketing plans, you first need to clearly define the goals and objectives of the company, that the proposed plan is supposed to fulfill.  

3) SWOT Analysis: Understanding the strength weakness, opportunities and threats of the company is essential for preparing a marketing plan for it. The SWOT analysis should help in determining the internal and external factors affecting the company.

4) PEST Analysis: A PEST analysis should be conducted for the market region where the company will operate or is proposed to enter for geographic diversification. The PEST analysis should cover a thorough assessment of the political, economic, socio-cultural and technological factors in the market, which can have potential impact on the company’s operations.

5) Proposed STP Strategy: Now that you have conducted a through audit of the company, it is time to design the marketing strategy, starting with the STP strategy, which determines the segmentation, targeting and differentiation of the company. 

6) Market Entry Strategy: If your chosen company is entering into a new international market then you may discuss about the mode of entry that the company should take. Some of most common modes of entry are: exporting, forming joint venture and direct investment.   

7) Marketing Mix: The marketing mix is the heart of a marketing plan. It highlights the proposed strategies for product development, pricing, place (distribution) and promotional strategies for the company. In case of a services company, you need to cover the extended marketing mix, adding three more parameters: people, process and physical evidence.

8) Action Plan: Provide a Gantt chart highlighting the estimated time for each activity in your marketing plan, such as developing new products, carrying out different promotional activities, etc.   

9) Defining KPIs: Identify the performance indicators that can help the company to determine if it is successfully progressing in the right direction. Some of the most common KPIs are revenue, customer footfall, customer reviews, etc.  

10) Budget: Finally, you need to provide an approximate budget to carrying out the marketing plan. In this section, tabulate all the key activities with their respective costs.

This framework should be enough to help you prepare your own marketing plan, without asking anyone for writing my paper for me. Just follow these steps and you should be able to ace your marketing paper.

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