Common Treatment Areas for Liposuction Surgical Procedure

Lipectomy or lipoplasty or liposuction is a minimal invasive procedure that helps to get rid of localized fat deposits. It is not a weight loss option but is a way to sculpt undesired bulges in different parts of your body. 

The procedure is fine for people with ideal weight, exercise regularly and eat balanced diet but are unable to eliminate the stubborn fat pockets. Board certified plastic surgeons can help you perform liposuction surgery. For more information on what are localized fat pockets and which areas are they found in for treatment visit

Double chin

A fold is caused because of extra fat deposit in neck and chin region, which makes it appear like the person is having double chin. Liposuction helps to define the angle more clearly.

Buffalo hump

There is abnormal fat deposit on the neck and upper back. This hump can be eliminated with lipectomy.

Bat wings

Loosened skin causes flabby arms, so liposuction and other procedure called arm lift is performed.

Female breast

Droopy and saggy breasts are not eligible for liposuction. Breasts need to be fattier than dense for liposuction procedure. Young breasts are dense while old ones are fattier but turn saggy with age. Breast lift is the solution in saggy or droopy breasts.

Male breasts

Lipectomy helps to remove excessive fats in male’s chest region. There is a possibility that the male boobs may be very dense, so there may be a need to remove tissue with other technique in addition to lipoplasty.

Bra fat

Fat rolls are visible in her back areas. The fat bulge gets more pronounced, when she wears a bra. It can be resolved wearing bra that fits properly. Lipoplasty is a fantastic way of eliminating this unnecessary fat deposit. The skin must not be overstretched or there will be a need for bra-line back lift procedure involved. 

Belly pouch

Belly pouch is a localized fat pocket bulging in the lower belly. Entire abdomen is not involved. Potbelly is a condition caused due to excess weight. Belly pouch occurs in a person with normal weight and can be removed using fat removal procedure.

Love handles

Love handles refer to fat localized on abdomen sides and extending to the backside. Getting rid of this fat is hard even for slim people. Lipectomy is the best option get rid of love handles for men and women. 

Muffin top 

It means fat spills over your shorts or pants waistband. It looks like muffin top edges, so the name. Lipostion on this lower abdomen causes toned, tight stomach. If skin sloppiness is severe then lower body lift or tummy tuck is recommended. 


In majority of ladies, this area needs to be shaped properly to create round and well-defined buttocks to get a curvy feminine silhouette.

Inner thighs

Inner thighs touching each other, while standing straight is undesirable. Therefore, lipectomy in this area needs contouring for many women.

Outer thighs

Saddle bags or outer high is common problematic area for ladies. It plays a crucial role in woman’s silhouette. Therefore, getting it accurately contoured with fat removal procedure helps to compliment her buttock curves. 

Liposuction is integrated with other cosmetic procedures like tummy tuck, breast augmentation or face lift. 

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