Coffin vs Almond Shape

With so many trendy nail shapes out there, it’s challenging to know which ones look best on you without trying every shape and a plethora of nail polish colors and designs. 

We are here to take some of the guesswork of choosing a nail shape out of the picture. In today’s post, we will briefly cover the similarities and differences of coffin vs. almond-shaped nails.

This way, you’ll be able to quickly and easily discern if you should stick to a more natural almond shape nail or splurge on coffin nails at your next manicure.

What are Almond Shaped Nails?

Almond-shaped nails are long, slightly pointed, rounded tip nails. They definitely resemble the shape of an almond and have an exquisite natural look about them.

Almond-shaped nails elongate short fingers and add a very classically feminine look and shape to the nail.

How to get the perfect almond shaped nail:

First, find the very center of your nail tip and mark it with a light-colored marker or a pencil.

Next, file the nail at an angle that is just off-center of the nail coming all the way down on either side of your center mark.

Finally, after you have angled both sides, smooth out the corners by rounding and filing the angles’ points, so they begin to take on that classic rounded shape.

What are Coffin Shaped Nails?

Like the ballerina nail, coffin nails have long, tapered edges that come to a flat tip. This tip can be subtle or extreme, we’ve even seen these softly rounded and not just made with harsh straight lines.

Coffin nails are the height of fashion right now. Flip through any fashion magazine or watch the music videos of your favorite artists. The coffin nail trend is here to stay and is an elegant way to meld the fierceness of the stiletto with the femininity of the ballerina nail. It is the gorgeous and sophisticated, and daring middle ground of nail shapes.

How to get the perfect coffin nail:

Similarly to the almond, find the center of your nail’s tip and place a small faint marking. 

Next, file the tip of the nail into a nice flat straight line. 

Once you have your flat tip, grab your clippers and clip off each side of the flat tip, tapering it just a little towards the center, but keeping the edges wide. We’ll file them in tighter on the next step.

Finally, take your nail file and taper the chip you removed from each side of the nail back to where your nail meets your finger. You’ll want to file up over the sidewall of the nail to produce that really straight, log, tapered look.

Coffin vs Almond

Now here comes the hard part — the choice. Both looks are feminine. Both looks do a great job of elongating and slimming the fingers. So which shape is right for you? 

Almond nails are perfect if you want a classic long nail and versatile look that you can rock at work and hang out with your friends. Almond-shaped nails have that elevated au natural look that goes with everything.

Coffin nails are an excellent shape for you if you are looking for something a little edgy and a little off the cuff without going full-on pointed stiletto. Coffin nails imbibe confidence and drama. Coffin nails can make even the most boring nail color seem interesting just because the shape itself is beautiful and interesting.

It Comes Down to a Choice

In conclusion, no matter if you are an almond nail shape lady or a coffin nail shaped babe, trying out a new nail shape can be a confidence game changer. Our nails are the ultimate accessory, and trying new styles breathes new life into your wardrobe and in the way you hold yourself. 

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