Can A Rowing Machine Help You Lose Weight?

Millions of people all around the globe struggle with weight issues and obesity has become a major problem in many societies worldwide. Being overweight can bring many serious health risks like diabetes, cholesterol issues, blood pressure problems, and many other major risks to the health and well being of an individual, including even death.

The vast majority of overweight people would love nothing more than to be at a healthier size and weight, but the bigger someone has gotten, the harder it will be for them to lose the weight. Weakened bone structure can be a major factor in this, as it can make it impossible for the person to do many traditional forms of weight loss workouts. However, with the extremely low impact and self controlled level of intensity that is afforded with rowing workouts, almost anyone can benefit from this type of machine, no matter their limitations.

Rowing Machines And Burning Fat

Anyone who has been on a weight loss journey can tell you that a key element is to find any sort of activity that they can do and to stick with it until they can do more. Even something as simple as slowly raising and lowering the arms can be a first step in a weight loss saga, given the fact that the more overweight a person becomes, the more difficult any sort of physical activity can be.

But, that is the beauty in physical exercise; almost any movement of the muscles burns calories that could potentially turn into fat cells. Calories are the fuel that the body needs to make every little movement, almost like the gas in a car. However, when you take in more calories than you burn, those calories are converted by the body into fat cells to be saved for later. Which, in theory is a nice evolutionary trick the human body has acquired to maintain itself through times when it may become hard to find enough food. Unfortunately, in today’s society, there is rarely an absence of more food, and therefore the stored up fat continues to pile on, leading to people reaching a point where weight loss can become a life or death fight.

A rowing machine is an excellent addition to that fight, as the workout is extremely low impact on the joints and muscles, which in the case of overweight people, there is already an overabundance of. Therefore, even those with weakened joints can make good use of this machine without having to worry about injuring themselves by over exertion on the joints.

Exactly How Effective Are Rowing Machines For Burning Calories?

Depending on your particular body weight and the intensity with which you use the machine, your individual amount of calorie burn will be different from the next person’s amount of calorie burn. However, it is estimated that the average person using a mild intensity can burn as many as 400 to 500 calories an hour on a rowing machine. So, it may not be the fastest way to shed the pounds, but when you consider how difficult some alternatives can be for some people, it is at the least, an excellent place to start.

As the pounds shed, continue to up the intensity of your workout and the amount of time spent working out, and you should start to notice the weight dropping faster and faster as you go. So, long story short; yes, a rowing machine can and will help you lose weight. All you have got to do is row.

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