5 Signs of Inflammation and How You Can Get Rid of It

Do you think you may suffer from inflammation? Inflammation affects many different people, regardless of age, ethnicity, or body type. You can either have acute inflammation, which typically goes away on its own or you can suffer from chronic inflammation, which takes longer to heal from and might even be due to an underlying condition. If you aren’t sure what to signs to look for, the following are definitely signs of inflammation that you should be on the lookout for.


Redness is certainly a sign of acute inflammation and can most likely be treated topically. If you have noticed redness on your body associated with pain, that is definitely caused by inflammation. This is your body’s immune system response to fighting off foreigner invaders so the redness is usually a sign of the body doing its job to fight it off and heal. However, if the redness and pain do not go away in a couple of days, you should definitely seek medical attention.


If you are experiencing a burning or heat sensation, that is also a sign of inflammation. Like with redness, both it and heat are produced from the body increasing its blood flow at body core temperature to heal the inflamed area. Heat and redness typically happen at the same time so if you experience one first, you will most likely experience the other symptom later. Like with redness, heat sensation typically goes away. Just like with redness, if the heat sensation doesn’t subside, you will need to seek medical attention to get it looked at to make sure it isn’t anything else more serious.


Swelling is also another tell-tell sign of inflammation. This is due to chemicals in the body’s white blood cells entering your blood or tissues in order to protect your body from invaders. In a sense, this is your body essentially adding a blockade from other invaders that may try to attach the body. This is what causes an inflamed area to appear to rise up or look swollen. Therefore, swelling is when chemicals leak into your body’s tissue. 


One symptom that you will feel right away is the pain from an inflamed area. The feeling of pain is a result of when the fluid buildup leads to swollen tissue being pushed against the sensitive nerve endings in your body. This leads to the painful symptom that inflammation causes. 

Loss of Function

One of the biggest symptoms of inflammation is experiencing a loss of function in the inflamed area, whether that be in the joints or elsewhere on the body. This can include not being able to move your joints properly, experiencing a bad sense of smell when you have a bad cold or the breathing difficulties that come with having bronchitis. Loss of function either happens as soon as the inflammation hits or becomes present once the other symptoms have subsided. Either way, loss of function is a major symptom of inflammation.

How To Get Rid Of It

There are different types of options out there that can get rid of or at least manage your inflammation. This can include taking anti-inflammatory supplements, incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into your diet, exercising, and getting regular sleep. Definitely try these more natural remedies until the inflammation persists and at that point, it may be best to be seen by a medical doctor who can examine you further. 

Know The Signs

The more you are aware of the signs of inflammation, the better you will be at ridding yourself of it or taking the right steps towards managing the pain. Sometimes, inflammation doesn’t always present itself in this order or shows all of these signs. With that said, these are still good guidelines to refer to when trying to figure out if you suffer from inflammation. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, look into getting your inflammation taken care of as soon as possible.

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