Current Research

My current research focuses on race and immigration, particularly the experiences of second-generation children of immigrants in the United States.

My coauthored paper with Van Tran and Jennifer Lee has been covered by news outlets including Inside Higher EdKPCC, and I also discuss our research with InHerSight and the Columbia University GSAS blog.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Book Reviews

  • Huang, Tiffany J. and Jennifer Lee. 2020. Review of “Origins and Destinations: The Making of the Second Generation” by Renee Luthra, Roger David Waldinger, and Thomas Soehl in Contemporary Sociology 49(2):184-186.
  • Huang, Tiffany J. and Jennifer Lee. 2019. Review of “Raising Global Families: Parenting, Immigration, and Class in Taiwan and the US” by Pei-Chia Lan in Social Forces 97(4): e1-e3.

Public Health publications

  • Jarman, Holly, Sarah Rozenblum, and Tiffany Huang. 2020. “Neither protective nor harmonized: the crossborder regulation of medical devices in the EU.” Health Economics, Policy, and Law.
  • Huang, Tiffany J., Bridget Kerner, and Sandra Whitehead. 2018. “Navigating Degrees of Collaboration: A Proposed Framework for Identifying and Implementing Health in All Policies.” Journal of Environmental Health 81(4):22-28.