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Lisa Bates to receive the Columbia Presidential Teaching Award

Cluster faculty member, Lisa Bates will receive a 2017 Columbia University Presidential Teaching Award.  This award is given to Columbia University’s best teachers for commitment to excellent and often innovative teaching.  Bates teaches the Epidemiology Department’s Social Epidemiology Course.

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Neighborhood Disadvantage and Falls Among Older Adults

Using data from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Study of Aging, Rundle and colleagues recently published research showing that higher neighborhood disadvantage is associated with risk of falls among community dwelling older adults.  In the first six months of … Continue reading

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Abdul El-Sayed Jiu Jitsu-ed Medpage Today “10 Questions” into Advocacy for Public Health

Social Epidemiology Cluster faculty alum Abdul El-Sayed just Jiu Jitsu-ed Medpage Today’s “10 Questions” into advocacy for public health. Medpage Today’s !0 Questions usually poses a series of questions about medical practice and health care to practicing MDs, questions like “What’s the … Continue reading

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Gender-Based Violence and Mood/Anxiety and Substance Use Disorders

In a recent paper, Keyes and colleagues estimated the lifetime prevalence for women experiencing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) as being 25%.  Women who had experienced GBV had 3.6 and 2.5 times the odds, respectively, of meeting lifetime mood/anxiety and substance use disorder criteria. The … Continue reading

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#Schizophrenia: Use and misuse on Twitter

Stigmatization of individuals with mental illness is a clinical and public health concern and the prevention of stigma is an evolving research field.  Larry Yang and colleagues recently published research showing that social media can provide new avenues for the … Continue reading

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Social Epi Radio: Show Tunes

Musical theater frequently deals with themes of social disparities and hardship – for instance Oliver or Les Misérables.  Lisa Bates and her students in the Department of Epidemiology’s Social Epidemiology Course compiled a list of performances and themes in musicals … Continue reading

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Stigma and the Etiology of Depression among the Obese

Current Social Epidemiology Cluster doctoral student Steve Mooney and former Cluster faculty member Abdulrahman El-Sayed recently published a paper in Social Science & Medicine showing that a weight-stigma mechanism could explain the finding that depression among the obese is more … Continue reading

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Sir Michael Marmot and Mark Bertolini: Confronting the Health Gap

Sir Michael Marmot and Mark Bertolini (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Aetna) speaking at the Mailman School of Public Health Grand Rounds on Confronting the Health Gap.  Archived Live Stream [Here].    

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Info-Graphix: Health Disparities in NYC

We just posted the beginnings of a new slide deck that shows disparities in health conditions by education level among residents of New York City.  The NYCHANES data were mined to plot the prevalence of Hypertension, Diabetes and Hyper-cholestriamia by … Continue reading

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Info-Graphic: Disparities in Health Behaviors and Conditions in NYC

We have been mining the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Community Health Survey data to create a series of info-graphic documenting disparities in health behaviors and conditions  by race/ethnicity, educational attainment, income and neighborhood poverty rate.   Thus … Continue reading

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