­Stuck at Home? Why Not Improve It!

With new Covid-19 variants, off and on lockdown measures, protests in the CBD, and dramas with vaccine availability, life outside is a wreck at the moment. Nobody seems to be able to agree on the best course of action to deal with the virus and the multiple lockdowns are making it difficult to make plans, even for the coming weekend. So, why not stay in and focus on fixing up your home instead?

Better Homes and Gardens

The penchant for home improvement is ingrained into the Australian identity. The ability to roll up our sleeves and take care of our own problems is a source of our national pride. Nothing seems too complex when we’re bent on sorting things out. Should be no surprise seeing people installing security systems Melbourne wide and many putting on their weekend warrior hats to tackle projects like setting up home security features such as doorbell cameras and smart alarm systems—no mean feat, for sure. In Donald Horne’s The Australian People, Australia is described as the ‘first suburban nation’, a country of big blocks and barbecues, where leisure and lifestyle are an integral part of life. The romantic working-class dream comes with a 4×4 ute, a sprawling yard for children and dogs, and a spacious shed full of power tools. Central to this imagery is the family house, where a remodeling project, large or small, is perpetually underway. With a barrage of home improvement programs like The Block and House Rules occupying prime slots on our television channels, we are constantly inspired and motivated to improve upon our living space. Because of the high costs of buying and selling houses, Australians generally prefer to renovate their existing properties rather than move to a newer one. No such thing as a drab space that the timely house painting Melbourne residents do can’t fix, after all! As people are relegated to their homes due to social distancing measures, the pandemic has provided the perfect opportunity to focus on home improvement.

One major benefit of home improvement is that it can greatly increase the value of your home. It is common sense that a house with all the modern comforts will fetch a better price on the market compared to a similar house with dated facilities. Therefore, it is important to continuously strive to enhance or maintain the value of your property, particularly if you plan to sell in the future. Furthermore, any investment you put into renovation will likely be recouped when you sell. Adding an extra bathroom is said to bring an 86.4 percent return on investment on the sale price, and most minor kitchen and bathroom remodels end up paying for themselves. In the meantime, you enjoy the perks of having a nicer living environment. For people that are marking key milestones in their lives, such as getting married or having a child, remodeling to add another room or refurbishing an existing one can be much cheaper than moving to a larger house.

Of course, home improvement is not all about creating additional space. Sometimes, people just want to make the existing space more comfortable. For example, by installing double-glazing on the windows, homeowners can enjoy more stable indoor temperatures and save on heating and cooling bills. Likewise, putting in skylights and feature windows can not only enhance the appeal of the house but also eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day. Security is another primary concern. Many people are installing security systems, including CCTVs, and visitor video intercoms, and infrared sensors that give peace of mind while adding to your property value. Finally, to make the most of the Australian summers, wooden outdoor decks are a favorite feature that can turn a backyard from boring to brilliant.

Safety First

Being enthusiastic about home improvement is generally beneficial. Compared to hobbies such as sitting in front of the television or hanging out at the pub, being actively involved in home improvement is considerably better for your health. Unfortunately, with the advent of Covid-19, some of our go-to home improvement suppliers are out of bounds. With several Bunnings locations being listed as exposure sites in Victoria, it might be safer to do your construction shopping online instead of heading to the stores. For certain tedious and messy jobs such as house painting, people often choose to outsource this task as a sensible option; as professionals can take care of the entire process from recommending the right finish to sourcing materials and painting the hard-to-reach areas. Despite having numerous tools and skills, it can be prudent to know your limits and reach out to specialists when it comes to risky endeavors that require specific equipment and training. Home improvement is meant to help you save money and not to bring you more problems like medical bills.

In the current climate, it is truly difficult to know what will happen in terms of pandemic management. While most Australians are optimistic about going back to normal life soon, we may very well continue to spend large amounts of time at home for months to come. Undertaking a home improvement project now can keep you active, add a sense of purpose, and increase the comfort and equity of your home. Wouldn’t it be lovely to host a barbecue on your newly refurbished property when summer comes around?