Lego Heart Necklace: The Perfect Way to Stay Attached

Although it may seem a little unconventional, a Lego heart necklace could be the best convey your feelings to someone.

Unique and Quirky

While most of us view Lego as a mere toys or as a collector’s item, the fact of the matter is that Lego has managed to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds due to the high amounts of customization and creativity you can display using those simple plastic blocks.

Whether you’re a toddler designing your dream castle or an adult building a Millenium Falcon, you can’t deny that Lego definitely sparks the imagination while training your fine motor skills.

Since the base of a Lego heart necklace is a simple Lego piece that can be combined with a matching counterpart to form an iconic heart shape, there’s a variety of ways that you can design a Lego heart necklace to turn this piece of childhood fun into a meaningful and treasured piece of your relationship.

So whether you’re trying to surprise your partner on an anniversary or wanting to come up with a quirky and unique Valentines Day present, here’s a few ideas on ways to make Lego heart necklace even more meaningful.

Base It On a Special Day

While something with your partner’s initials is timeless and classy, it has nonetheless been done to the death. Take advantage of the highly customizable nature of a Lego heart necklace and get creative. There’s any number of combinations that you could design in order to represent your relationship with the other person.

The best part is that it doesn’t have to be something incredibly literal. Say your first date was a bike ride around your local park. You can consider taking a more abstract approach to commemorating the day and use two blocks of different colors to represent how that day made you feel.

Bonus points if you and your partner choose the two halves of the necklace separately and surprise each other. You can then compare your pieces and explain your choice along with your emotions and memories of that day and have fun reminiscing.

Creating a meaningful piece that helps to convey the story of you and your loved ones is one way to better express your feelings towards them and creating a present with lasting significance that you can look back on and smile at.

Use Something To Represent The Two Halves Of Your Relationship

While matching sweaters and other couple-related sets are all the rage in dating, if you and your significant other have wildly different tastes you may just find that your variety is the spice of the relationship. If you feel that you and your partner are seemingly wildly different halves that still fit together seamlessly, this can also serve as inspiration when you design your Lego heart necklace.

You could choose you and your partner’s favorite colors, or maybe you could each choose a block in a color that you feel represents your relationship, or even choose a color that you think best represents how you see your partner.

While matching can be cute, making the effort to show your partner what they mean to you and how you see them can be something that brings you two closer together!

Your Favorite Things (About Them)

Even if your partner or friend is already someone who has incredible amounts of self-confidence, it never hurts to drop them a friendly reminder that they are an awesome person and the qualities that make you feel that way about them.

Sometimes even the people with the brightest smiles and the readiest smiles need a pick-me-up and a Lego heart necklace may just be the thing to do that.

You can start by choosing one or two colors that you feel are representative of your recipient’s best qualities and use that to form the heart.

After that, you should either point out and explain what the different colors mean and represent or (even better) write a note to the same effect so that your recipient will have a physical and lasting reminder of all the qualities that make you treasure them.

Make It Emotional

Although this may seem like a deceptively simple present, sometimes we need to be reminded of the good parts of ourselves.

Just as your good qualities may not be immediately obvious to you, or you don’t give yourself positive affirmations, it’s likely that sometimes our loved ones may not see their good points the same way you can. A reminder of their qualities that you find endearing is bound to produce some smiles (if not a few emotional tears).

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, a Lego heart necklace holds seemingly endless possibilities for customization to best reflect your sentiments and how much you treasure your relationship. So take advantage of the fact and let your creativity flow and unleash your inner child in order to best express your feelings and show your love to someone.