Tips for Styling Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you know that dealing with your locks in a way that leaves them shiny, bouncy, and beautiful is a challenge. Conventional wisdom and styling products don’t work on curls. Styling and brushing are unique for your hair type, as well. Here are some tips to better care for your crowning glory.

Use a Comb

Most people with curly hair already know this, but a brush is not your friend. Brushes tend to make a lot of frizz, because they break your curls apart. They are also hard on your hair. A wide-tooth comb helps detangle your hair without breakage and without frizz. Using a comb also helps to distribute product better.

Use Moisturizer

Conditioners, moisturizing product, and masks are all beneficial to curly and dry hair. Follow the recommendations from the product manufacturer as far as how long and how often to apply the product, but don’t be afraid to use it a little more or less often if it seems to work better for your hair.

Air Dry

Your hair will be healthier if you avoid heat as much as possible. Air drying is best for all hair, especially those with curls. When air drying, make sure to avoid anything that can squash or deform your curls, such as leaning on your hair or sleeping. If you need to rush things and decide to use the blow dryer, make sure to never use it without a diffuser.

Hair Plopping

Hair plopping is a way to help protect your hair and get those beautiful, defined curls everyone wants. What is hair plopping? It’s simply a method where you “plop” your wet hair in a microfiber towel or t-shirt and leave it to dry. If you wash your hair at night, plopping hair overnight is a great way to avoid using heat to dry your hair, because with this method you will go to bed with wet hair.

Wash Sparingly

While many people in our modern world consider daily bathing a necessity, washing your hair daily can actually be harmful. Depending on your hair type and skin type, you may want to wash every 3-4 days or even every couple of weeks.

Condition and Comb

One technique that many people with curls enjoy using is to condition and comb your wet hair while in the shower. By employing the lubrication of water and conditioner, your hair is easier to detangle and it benefits from the moisturization

Skip the Cotton Pillowcase

Silk or satin pillowcases help reduce frizz caused by friction. The more friction you create as you toss and turn, the more frizz, and tangles you will get. Another option is to use a hair sock or tie your hair up to avoid tangles and flattening.

Consider Going No-Poo

No Poo is simply the idea of using less or no shampoo. The chemicals in shampoo, especially cheap shampoo, are not exactly nice to hair strands. Sulfates are made to strip product from your hair and are hard on the strands. Coating agents designed to make hair shiny can actually weigh it down, decreasing your curl. Instead, many people are using non-detergent shampoos, low- or no-sulfate shampoo, or even forgoing shampoo entirely.

Comb in Small Sections

Separate your hair into small sections before trying to detangle it. This will make it easier, faster, and with less stress to your strands. You can even try finger-combing it to release large snarls before using your wide-toothed comb.

Slow and Steady

When you are detangling your hair, make sure to leave yourself plenty of time so you don’t feel the need to rush. Combing too quickly causes stressed hair, increases breakage and stretches out those beautiful curls. Comb your hair gently, easing out rather than tugging on tangles, and your hair (and scalp!) will thank you.

Don’t Skimp on Product

When you use styling product, don’t be afraid to use a good amount. If you don’t use enough you will be unlikely to get it distributed evenly and it won’t work as intended. You will be more likely to be happy with the results and have happy, healthy, shiny hair if you use plenty of product.

Detangle from the bottom

Don’t try to comb your hair starting at the top. Start from the bottom and work out a few snarls at a time, gradually easing your way to the top of your chunk. Then, once it’s tangle-free, move on to the next section.

Use Your Fingers

Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to help you detangle your hair sometimes. While your wide-tooth comb and wet brush are your best bets for thorough detangling and distributing product, for a quick, simple combing session, finger combing allows you to straighten and

Don’t Go too Long Between Trims

Even though curly hair doesn’t get the uneven ends of straight hair, it still needs regular trims for its health. Experts recommend trimming hair every 6 weeks for the best health. If that is impractical, and it can be with thick curly hair, try to never let it go longer than 4 months.

Avoid Terrycloth

Terrycloth towels are great for drying off wet bodies, soaking up messes off the floor, and laying on at the beach. They’re not so great for curly hair. Rubbing with terrycloth creates a lot of friction, and friction creates frizz. Better is to use a microfiber towel and squeeze, don’t rub. Some people have started drying their hair by wrapping it in a t-shirt.