Ways to Produce More (And Better) Content

Are you struggling to keep up with content creation for your business? Creating several different content streams can be a fulltime job by itself. It’s not surprising that many business owners don’t have time and skills needed to be their own marketing managers.

There are some easy ways to produce or outsource more and better content without adding to your workload.

  • Delegate. First, figure out what content you can make yourself, and what you should rely on others to produce.
  • Strategize. Second, create a content strategy, or hire someone to create it for you. This solves the problem of what content to create.
  • Train yourself. Third, get better and faster at producing content. This might mean taking a class or course, streamlining your work process, or creating a content assembly line.

Make Content for Real People

While you are trying to increase SEO results, get more followers, sell products, or get affiliate clicks, don’t lose sight of your audience. You are writing (or talking) to real people, who are looking for real solutions to real problems. Write to people first, and to computer algorithms second.

This means your SEO links and keywords should be incorporated naturally into content that has a purpose. Your affiliate links should be to things that appeal to your audience and are a solution to a problem they have. You advice should be geared towards your audience, and don’t ever make them feel like your product, sale, or clicks are more important than them.

Do What You Are Good At

What do you enjoy? Filming video? Talking to people? Writing? Taking pictures? One way to increase the amount of good quality content you produce is by sticking to the platforms that you enjoy and are good at. If you hate writing but are at your best in front of a video camera, make videos. If you hate talking in public but have a lot to say, you might be a great podcaster. If you love writing, you should be blogging, not making Instagram posts.

Delegate What You Aren’t Good At

Have you figured out what you enjoy and are good at? You can still have multiple content platforms even if you hate making some types of content. Create your content in your favorite style, whether that’s writing, filming, or talking, and outsource the rest. Once you have your content created in one stream, it’s easy to pay someone to turn it into other types of content.

For example, if you are a YouTuber, focus on creating videos. Then hire an essay writer to create written content such as articles and blog posts. A video editor can create video shorts from your original content. A social media manager can produce posts and schedule them ahead of time. By the end of this process, your original blog post has become several different content items on several platforms with little work on your part.

Plan Ahead

Creating a content strategy is important for your business. It will help you decide where you want to go, how to get there, and what you need to create. If you don’t know how to create a plan for your content, there are experts in marketing that can create one specifically for you.

The strategy will help you create more content, and create it faster, because it gives you a guide to exactly what kinds of content to create. No writer’s block with a content plan! Having a content strategy is helpful for both your business and your subscribers. You will create better content because it will be tailored specifically for your consumers and their needs. Your business will also be helped by steering your content towards specific goals, whether that is more subscribers, more sales, or more ad exposure.

Reuse Your Ideas in Different Platforms

One way to produce more and better content is to reuse your ideas in different forms. If you write a blog post about “10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day”, you can have that original content recreated as a YouTube video, podcast, a Twitter series, and a series of Instagram reels. Don’t feel like each content item you create must be an original topic.

One reason this works is because most of your followers prefer to consume content on one specific platform. Some people prefer to watch a long video, others would rather read an article. Some people listen to podcasts on the way to work or watch a few video shorts at night before bed. By re-using your ideas, you save yourself time and help all of your followers get the content they want.

Have Fun

Creating content can be overwhelming and time consuming, but with a few tips like these to get you started and guide you in the right direction, it’s a lot less stressful. By sticking to your talents and interests, using a content strategy, and thinking about your consumer’s needs, you might begin to have fun creating content!