Fashion culture continuing surging shift towards sustainable fashion


The world of fashion is one of the most consistently evolving industries around the globe. It is fair to say that styles come and go, as quickly and as efficiently as the four seasons do throughout the calendar year. Every new season, new fashions are brought into play as old ways make their way out of action for another nine months. This is the way of the fashion world, and it is not likely to change any time soon. What is likely – and frankly, overdue – for evolution, however, is the approach to the culture of fashion. And finally, that evolution is in play. Fashion culture today is all about making smarter choices, not only for the people but for the planet as well. Essentially, this means that people are choosing to opt for more sustainably-sourced fashion choices, rather than the fast fashion they have become so familiar with over the years. The rise of sustainable fashion is one that is changing fashion culture from the inside out, and it is being hailed as nothing but inherently positive (and rightfully so, at that).

Celebrities like Emma Watson and Nikki Reed have been leading the revolution in sustainable fashion and this, coupled with the fact that people are becoming more aware of the impact fast fashion is having on the health and longevity of the planet, is driving sustainable fashion into the limelight, in every sense of the word. Every fashion choice from shirts, dresses, and jackets, to ties, shoes, and pants, is being given a sustainable makeover, and people are flocking to buy it all. There is something to be said about making smart choices in any aspect of life, but considering that the fashion industry makes up fifteen percent of global C02 emissions, and twenty percent of the world’s wastewater (to name a few crucial facts about the fast fashion world’s impact on Earth), having something as positive as sustainable fashion arise is quite literally life-changing.

The fashion industry has long been dedicated to making people feel and look their best. Over recent years, however, one thing that has changed dramatically is that people are more aware of how their choices impact the world, and that makes them feel differently about their approach to fashion. This is why modern fashion culture has changed so dramatically, and this is also where sustainable fashion has come into play. It is interesting to note that the sustainable fashion movement is still very much in its infancy stages, and yet it has had more of a globally drastic impact on the world than many movements in fashion that have been around for decades. This is perhaps the first movement in recent fashion – perhaps even in the history of fashion – that has encouraged a healthy response to style, and pivoted fashion culture in a more Earth-friendly direction. Some might argue that it is not going to be enough to turn the environmental tables, but when considering the impact of the fast fashion world, it will have far bigger an impact than we all might think.

And it is not just celebrities and the everyday masses who are advocating for more sustainable fashion choices. Even high-fashion brands like Stella McCartney are jumping on the bandwagon, having realised that sustainable fashion culture is where the masses are giving their utmost attention and loyalty to. Even when considering the fact that this is a movement in fashion that is relatively new, it goes without saying that the power driving the movement is set to ensure its ongoing longevity and success. This is the new norm in the fashion world, and it is a reality that is incredibly exciting and overwhelmingly positive for not only us as a species, but other living species and the planet as well. Modern fashion culture is ecological, exhilarating, and above all else, life-changing for Earth and our species’ own future. Sustainable fashion is the modern world’s new approach to fashion culture, and it is one that the entire world is beginning to jump on board with.

Having been in action for a few years now, sustainable fashion is on the rise as it becomes a popular choice not only for a niche consumer base, but for high-profile celebrities and the entire world. Sustainable fashion is finally the epitome of fashion culture, and the world is (quite literally) going to benefit in every way. In terms of smart fashion movements, sustainable fashion is decidedly the most incredible and forward-thinking of them all. And further, considering that the current generations making up much of fashion’s consumer base are younger generations with an inclination towards saving the planet, this is a movement that is very likely only going to continue to flourish and expand. And while no one can be entirely certain that sustainable fashion is the future, what we can be certain of is this: fashion culture is moving in an incredibly positive direction.

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