Modern approach to physical health centred more often outdoors


When it comes to taking active and consistent care of ourselves, it is fair to say that every individual harbours a different, more personalised approach than they used to. With more awareness and information on our health surrounding us than ever before, people are making their health more of a priority than ever before. Whether this means regularly checking for STDs, going for runs or heading into the gym, getting skin checks, or going vegan in a bid to lead a more organic lifestyle (or anything in between, for that matter), making our health a top priority has never been so common – or so supported. As the research and the studies continue to pour in on all things health and wellness, there is more information and overall awareness than ever on the topic of how best to approach taking care of ourselves and our health. Everyone wants to think that they are living their healthiest life, but the stark reality is that most (if not all) of us could always stand to improve a little bit.

Thankfully, there are approaches to various facets of our overall health that are more convenient and efficient. The modern approach to physical health is one that generally promotes less of a structured gym routine, and more of an active lifestyle. For some people, the gym definitely works, but it is not the environment that promotes the most wholesome or healthy changes in their bodies. The set structure of a gym means that all individuals use the same equipment, in the same setting, around the same – or similar people. Again, this is an approach to physical fitness and health that works for many people, but it can be intimidating or otherwise off-putting for others, putting them in the awkward position of wanting to improve their physical health, but not quite knowing where to start or how to invest wholeheartedly. And this is where the outdoors approach comes flying into action.

There is something decidedly enticing about getting out in nature while also getting in the daily recommended amount of exercise. Aside from the fact that a hike through the woods is a more naturally pleasant setting to burn the calories than a grey gym, there is the added benefit of always doing something different. Of course, sometimes the gym is the best environment for some people to take care of their physical health, but the outdoors approach is becoming exceedingly popular for a very good reason. That reason is quite simple, too. being outside typically makes us happier, as we are out in the fresh air and enjoying the natural wonders around us, while getting the physical activity that our bodies need to thrive done. When people are happier as they exercise, they tend to do those same activities again, because they genuinely enjoy themselves during the experience – not just feel good after it.

The naturally active approach to physical health is one that continues to grow in worldwide popularity at an exceedingly fast pace. We live in a current world that has more information, and is thus more aware, than ever more about the importance of taking care of ourselves, our health, and the wellbeing of the other species and the planet we live on. As such, there has never been more of an emphasis, more of a drive to prioritise, our health. The younger generations going through the motions of understanding and finding the right approach and rhythm for their health, are the same individuals who are more interested in adventure, travelling, and being out and about in nature. Therefore, the trend in approaching fitness from a more natural perspective continues to bloom, flourish, and thrive. This is likely just the beginning of what is set to be a very long-lived primary approach to physical fitness and health, and younger generations are leading the charge forwards this future of health.

Our physical health is just one facet of our overall health, and yet it is one of the most important, the most fundamental. For decades, many people lived with the predisposed mindset that the only effective place to address one’s physical health maintenance was the gym. While the gym is the perfect environment for many people to take control of their physical fitness and health, there are millions of people who do not thrive in a gym environment. Thankfully, the latest approach to physical fitness is a trend that is on the rise, and it promotes a more organic approach to physical fitness, health, and wellness. More and more people are taking off outdoors to get in their exercise in a more natural setting. This is fast becoming the norm, as more and more individuals realise the convenience, the efficiency of it all.

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