How Digital Marketing is Galvanizing Business


Digital Marketing has truly taken the business world by storm. Mobile phones have emerged as the devices of choice for information, entertainment and shopping, driving conventional marketing into oblivion and heralding the advent of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing promotes brands and products through the internet, digital TV and podcasts. It has the potential to reach out to millions of target consumers within hours and influence their buying decisions, and it can do so with the help of a digital marketing agency.

Many digital marketing channels are at the disposal of businesses. The success of companies is a function of their ability to incorporate these channels within their marketing strategy. An effective digital strategy is centered on these areas:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A substantial number of consumers start their shopping journey on Google today. A good marketing strategy should thus consist in ensuring that a business is fully optimized for search engines. Onsite and offsite SEO efforts should factor the dynamic nature of search algorithms.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an ideal channel for achieving instant results in wake of the fact that search engines usually take 3-6 months to realize significant SEO traffic. Google Adwords is a leading paid search channel and a route to target search queries on Google.

Email Marketing

Email continues to be an effective digital marketing channel today, notwithstanding the advancements in social media. Users can send queries and receive digital invoices from companies, thanks to the convenience provided by email. Scheduled email campaigns can communicate value and facilitate promotional activities, while triggered emails can boost sales.

Content Marketing

An online business should be able to provide value without necessarily translating it into immediate sales. Content marketers can create valuable content for customers in the form of a simple buying guide or a short cooking blog.

Social Media Marketing

Social media networks are hogging a great deal of attention. Posting on Facebook and Instagram alone is, however, not enough. Digital marketers need to harness the power of paid social media as it opens up a whole new vista of prospective customers.

Behavioral Marketing

Targeting marketing need not be invasive in today’s day and age. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data allow businesses to target their website visitors with specific products and customized content, in accordance with their past online behavior and purchasing patterns. When done right, behavioral marketing can convert reluctant shoppers into actual customers.

Mobile Marketing

The browser is no longer the software of choice for accessing the internet. Apps are gaining traction with each passing day; at least going by the plethora of apps available for socializing, tracking news developments, et al. Texting, blue tooth and location-based marketing are also coming into vogue. A mobile marketing strategy is important more than ever in such a scenario as digital marketers need to be at the right time with the right message.

Affiliate Marketing

How does one get websites talking and doing publicity work? Working with affiliates is the way to go, and giving sales incentives to the affiliates is the proven way of going about it. An affiliate network boosts a company’s marketing campaigns by spreading the word online.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a crucial piece of the jigsaw puzzle of success. Companies garner feedback, attract new customers and build long-lasting relationships through electronic channels. But digital marketing can prove to be a double-edged sword; happy customers can provide feedback to the businesses, while unhappy customers can cause tremendous damage.

Digital Marketing plays a pivotal role in building brand reputation, attracting audiences and garnering trust in this era of ubiquitous mobile phone devices. A Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey demonstrates that most people willingly rely on a particular brand and service if it is recommended by familiar and genuine sources.

Digital Marketing can harness the hitherto-neglected power of social media to nurture relationships and build businesses. Facebook likes and Twitter shares can bolster a company’s growth by building credibility and trust, and drawing traffic at no extra cost.

Digital Marketing offers a level playing field in the business arena. Although the market is turning competitive and skewed towards the big players, small businesses can still maintain their competitive edge by using the Google Alerts tool to monitor and learn from the competitors.

Times Ahead

Digital Marketing has a bright future. As commerce has entered the fast lane, people have turned tech-savvy and the world has evolved into a global village, businesses are not pitted against each other at the local level and are competing against the entire internet. Businesses can only thrive in such a cut-throat competitive environment by putting together a marketing strategy that maximizes the power and role of the digital in maximizing the potential of business and connecting with the masses.

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