Artificial intelligence revolutionises health insurance worldwide


It is no secret that technological advancement and rapid digitalisation have positively changed the world in practically every day imaginable. Let’s consider the impact that AI (artificial intelligence) has had on the world and its industries, for example. It seems that, no matter where we look, technological innovation has had an active hand in transforming some aspect of what we are looking at. This is the way of the modern world. We have created the world that we exist in, and we are positively reliant on it now. There is no going back. The automotive industry is going electric. The education industry is going online. The global marketplace has expanded to the digital landscape. Every industry, from security or the arts, to entertainment or science, has been positively revolutionised in the wake of technological disruption and influence. Including, it turns out, the insurance industry.

Insurance companies like Informeo are the leading businesses in their leagues and localised regions, and they are the very same insurance companies that are offering the utmost quality to their consumers. This is the dividing range, the line in the sand that certifies a definitive divide between the leaders and the dawdlers in the industry. The global insurance industry is one that is both complex and expensive, but AI is currently having a dramatic effect on the way that it functions and thrives. It is thought that AI technology could genuinely help to control the industry’s surging costs and paperwork. But how exactly can AI accomplish this? The best part about AI is that it can be programmed to literally take the tedious and time-consuming routine tasks out of the hands of insurers, freeing up time for insurance companies to spend more time on the aspects of the business that demand more attention to detail and time (i.e. relationships with clients).

Further, it is estimated that insurers could legitimately save up to $7 billion over eighteen months if they switched to AI-driven technologies (including the streamlining of administrative processes, for example). The promise of AI being driven to make the process of insurance companies easier and more efficient is exciting, it is true, but there is so much more capability when it comes to AI tech disruption in this field. Not only will insurance companies be able to use AI bot technology to drive consumer engagement and queries, but they will be able to use it to automate processes and even improve clients’ health ahead of time. In the near future, it is expected that AI bot technology will be able to access personal health information and identify gaps in the care clients need – even when clients are not aware of those gaps themselves.

And further, these gaps will be used to create a digital framework that will ultimately work towards predicting health issues before they arise. AI tech will then use this information to help clients, ultimately creating a healthier client base. It might seem a little extreme, but this is the way that the technology is moving in this industry, and it is exciting people the world over. It is an exciting revelation, and it is one that is proving time and again just how important this kind of technology is to innovating and kick-starting the next iteration for industries all over the world. The insurance industry is just one of the many prime examples of AI technology revitalising traditionally-clad industries and introducing clients to an all-new norm that is at once familiar and alien, in all the best ways. The insurance industry has always thrived on data, and so the introduction and further advancement of AI in the insurance industry is not necessarily unexpected or unheard of. Technological innovation and rapid digitalisation are positively revolutionising what feels like every possible facet of modern life.

Every industry has been impacted by technological influence in its own way, and we are seeing these industries become more conveniently accessible, more efficient, and faster than ever before. The impact that AI has had, and continues to have, on the insurance industry, for example, has been nothing short of incredible. The insurance industry that spans the globe is one of the most data-driven of them all, and so the introduction of AI technology in the sector is not unexpected. It is, however, exceeding all expectations, and this is only the beginning for AI disruption in the insurance industry. The future for this new age in insurance is bright, and it is off to an awe-inspiring start. The possibilities for continued impact and further advancement in the field of AI and insurance are seemingly endless, and it is encouraging to note this revelation, and to look forward to everything that it has to potentially offer all sides of the industry – just as it is with other industries, not to mention the entire world.

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