Saving Yourself: First Aid Knowledge that can Help You Survive


In this day and age, there are impending threats surrounding everyone. As humans, it is best to focus on the occurrences that can be controlled and prepared for. Living the best life that you can involves staying on top of health, personal safety and being as educated as possible about what is going on in the world around you. With that being said, here is some knowledge that will put you in the best position you can be in:

Knowing How to Do CPR

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, which is enough reason to have CPR in your list of skills. CPR really does save lives, according to the American Red Cross. You could potentially save the life of a loved one with this skill. The other thing that is great about CPR is that anyone can get certified with the right mindset and willingness to put in the time and effort.

Look up CPR certification in your area that will allow you to learn this life-saving skill. Heart disease is scary because four to six minutes after breathing stops, brain death happens. CPR is what keeps blood flowing to the brain and other organs, which could save the life of those with heart disease.

Another reason to learn more about CPR is that 4 out of 5 happen at home. You could save the life of a spouse or parent by just going through CPR certification. CPR certification can also increase your confidence in the time of an emergency, which is a factor that could make a huge difference. There is every reason to take the initiative and learn CPR today.

Street Smarts that Can Save Your Life or Someone Else’s

Street smarts aren’t just for those living in big cities with dangerous areas. Street smarts are for everyone. You need to know how to be aware of your surroundings and look for warning signs. This will help you when traveling and when experiencing general suspicion in public. Often attacks happen more to people who aren’t aware of a suspicious character.

A piece of knowledge to have in your pocket is when to gauge if someone is following you. This seems like common sense, but many aren’t looking for this kind of activity when at the store. If you are walking through Target and see someone near you multiple different times, look at their appearance and take notes. Then, take some random turns and see if they keep popping up. If they do, this is a good time to get on the phone with someone and talk to them while you are shopping. It also is a good time to move into a crowded area and wait until the person leaves. This happens more times than most people think—especially on public transit and even in remote areas.

Street smarts are something that takes practice. You have to teach yourself to always be on the lookout. These are often skills that parents teach their children, but children seem to neglect with age. These skills are for all ages and should be practiced.

Another tip is to make sure you always have your phone charged. You also might want to sign up for a self-defense class held at local police offices. They have the ability to teach you what to do in the case of a physical attack.

Having Healthy Habits Might Seem Small, But Can Really Help Your Situation

People are often looking at external factors when thinking of knowledge, but need to be looking internally. You can be extremely safe in life, then not know what to do in the time of illness. For example, knowing your family health history is one of the best things you can do when looking to prevent illnesses and diseases. If you can prevent something bad from happening, why wouldn’t you? Ask your parents and grandparents about what they wish they would have been looking out for—you never know what you could prevent with the power of healthy habits and lifestyle.

Set a precedent for eating healthy. This doesn’t mean you can never eat a cheeseburger or some cookies. This means eating baseline healthy so that when you want to go out to eat, you can without feeling guilty or continuing down an unhealthy path. This will also set you up for eating healthier as you age, which is even more important.

Schedule physical appointments with your doctors to have them monitor health concerns and potential threats. This way, you will have a positive relationship with your doctor in case of an emergency. People who don’t have a regular doctor then have a serious health concern pop up, have issues getting an appointment for the help they need.

With this knowledge, you will have a generally safe set up to have a life prepared for danger and other issues. You want to be able to help yourself, as well as others with these key life tips and tricks.

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