The electric automotive vehicle surges towards widespread scalability


The automotive industry is one of the most integral of our time. Through the invention and further development of automotive transport, we have been given a literal world of opportunities and chances for travel and progress – both personal and as a species. We are now moving into unchartered territory, where the automotive vehicle is on its way to becoming the autonomous vehicle. This is a big evolution that is set to signal a ripple effect of changes, both large and small. In this future of autonomous vehicles, individuals will still be able to obtain secured vehicle loans, drive on their own if they wish (the vehicles will likely come with ‘manual’ modes built into their systems), and travel great distances. In fact, if the progression of the autonomous vehicle market keeps up this type of rapid progression, autonomous vehicles will be able to travel further, safer, and smarter than current automotive transports. It is a big call to make, but thanks to the pioneering mindsets of multiple car manufacturing companies around the world, it is a call that is fast becoming reality.

Tesla is the perfect example of an automotive company taking the traditional model for the automotive vehicle and modernising it ahead of its time. Unique in its branding and its creator’s mindset, Tesla represents a revolution rather than just a shiny business model. Through their innovative engineering, to the exciting, sleek appearance of their latest models on the road, Tesla seems to have figured out the perfect branding for the semi-autonomous vehicle. The head of the company, Elon Musk, has a very distinct vision in his mind. That vision has helped the company to jump forward and wholeheartedly embrace reaching for the stars. Musk’s visions centres around making transport easier, more efficient, and sleeker than ever before. In this, he has been immensely successful. And the best part? This is only the beginning.

The semi-autonomous vehicles that Tesla has created thus far have proven to be incredible feats of electronic technology, a true testament to the power of understanding our input on the planet and how we do not have to have vehicles that emit such toxic gases. But it is more than that, the vision that Musk and all of Tesla (and, as luck would have it, more car manufacturing companies by the day) hold close to their hearts is that the electronic vehicle will take over as the primary vehicle on roads around the world. And then, it will be the only type of vehicle on the roads around the world. As it stands currently, the pace toward electric vehicles is still quite slow, if for no other reason than because wide-scale adaption is still a work in progress. The issue has, historically, simmered down to a very simple truth: the models that Tesla and other car manufacturing companies have released onto the roads so far have been improperly expensive, making them exclusive commodities and not a realistic addition to many people’s lives.

That is all changing now. As the technology is not as new as it once was, the cost for Tesla vehicles is going down year after year. It is the hope that, by initiating falling prices, more and more individuals will be driven to purchase Tesla’s semi-autonomous vehicles. Musk is of the strong opinion that once an individual drives a Tesla, they are likely to make the transition and never look back. The logic makes sense. With significantly less costs involved now than when the first Teslas rolled out of the trucks and onto roads around the globe, the inclination to buy one is driving more and more people to seriously consider making the move from fuel to electric. And really, when the vehicle is better for not only us, but the environment and the world as a whole, what reason is there not to buy one if one can afford the luxury? Taking the transport industry and making it electric is no easy feat. But it is one that is finding its feet the closer that we get to entering this new digital era.

The automotive industry is one that has been historically sound in its models. Up until the development of rapid technological innovation and digitalisation, the vehicle had hit its peak performance output. As technological disruption came to the world in increasingly high frequencies, however, the automotive industry began to realise the necessity to upscale. At the forefront of the pioneering movement towards the autonomous vehicle is the US car manufacturing company Tesla. The sparkling stone, the crown jewel of the autonomous vehicle movement, Tesla is introducing to the world what honestly feels like a rapid succession of semi-autonomous vehicles in their early stages. This has effectively marked the beginning stages of the drive for autonomous vehicles, and it is only the beginning.

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