The Spread of Autonomous Vehicle Technologies Features Numerous Opportunities for Lawyers


Due to the growing utilization of autonomous vehicles, this is bound the enable the establishment of new law firms. This is expressly linked to the AV field. Cities, counties and states have collaborated in order to create space for AV innovators to come up with new AV technologies. In order to accomplish this, the development and testing of the AV technologies has been made possible.

In truth, specialists anticipate the expansion of AV technology in the foreseeable future. This is expected to significantly diminish or eliminate altogether the many deaths that result due to human error.

Self-Driving Vehicles Are Part of the Future

In spite of the evident signs that technology will shape the car industry as we know it, there are still some law firms that don’t take this into consideration. In addition to that, there are several elements that play a part in the equation, such as societal shift, as well as the litigation imminently associated with autonomous vehicles. And this is pretty much expected to increase over the course of time.

Specialists note that, considering the current situation, the question no longer focuses on whether AV technology will eventually become more popular, but whether law firms will grasp all the opportunities it brings.

That is to say, for motor vehicle accident lawyers, for instance, it is a huge challenge to be up to date regarding the innovative technology. This changes everything, to be frank. In general, lawyers embrace a risk-averse approach. Of course, there is the inclination or, better said, temptation, to continue down the same path, because it is tested and it is supposed to bring positive results.

Nonetheless, what many law firms fail to anticipate is that the legal services connected with AVs will be notably reduced. For instance, the manufacturers and designers of AVs will focus on improving the communication with the public, in the sense that they will aim at informing the public concerning the specifications of AV technology – what it can do, what it cannot do, so on and so forth.

What does this entail, though? Data being collected and used. A highly automated car is meant to gather a lot of information concerning its operations, as well as the decision-making process when driving – which is connected to the driver, of course. And while such information will turn out to be critical for operators and manufacturers, some people might not be open and willing to share it.

Of course, there may also be issues concerning the security and privacy of AV technology. This will bring new opportunities for lawyers, due to the existence of potentially hacking of highly computerized AVs. Similarly to the way in which, at the time being, lawyers suggest corporations and financial institutions to expect the worst, they will have to provide counseling to AV makers and designers, as well.

In summary, these are only some of the many ways in which the world is expected to change. Technology has definitely entered our daily lives, and each field of expertise – including that of law specialists, ought to embrace the many opportunities it brings.

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