Handmade shoes as the epitome of modern comfort


The evolution of humanity’s reaches around the planet has brought with it an inevitable change in the way that our creature comforts are created. This statement is true of practically anything, whether it be games, films, music, machinery, clothing, and even shoes. These days, there are not many big-scale brands that have built their success around the rarity that is modern handmade shoes such as those made by Tuccipolo. The handmade shoe used to be the pinnacle of attention to detail, and that same idea is still true today. The biggest difference in the shoe market when it first began, and the shoe market now, is that the industry has grown to such an extent that mass production and machine-forged footwear are now more common than handmade shoes. This is not necessarily an issue, but it is something that is important to note: the evolution of the footwear industry has meant inevitable and unprecedented change. In saying this, there are some brands that are working tirelessly to redefine the handmade shoe in today’s world, and Frēda Salvador is one of them.

A shoe brand created by friends Megan Papay and Cristina Palomo-Nelson, Frēda Salvador is the handmade shoe brand that the world has fallen in love with. Designed in California and handmade in Spain, the brand has made quite the reputation for itself, and that reputation is built on the perfect pairing of comfort and style that many other modern (and mechanically-produced) shoe brands cannot adhere to. The power in the handmade shoe is its ability to be aesthetically pleasing while fundamentally comfortable, and brands like Frēda Salvador that embody these concepts so seamlessly are the brands that are making their mark in record time, continuing to exceed expectations and smash through continuously forged goals. Frēda Salvador shoe sales are up 100% year after year, proving that even in this modern world of mass production and technological advancement, there is a firm place for the handmade shoe market.

The creation of handmade shoes offers wearers something that other companies cannot compete with. The attention to detail, coupled with the reigning core of comfort in each pair of handmade shoes, speaks volumes of their value. Frēda Salvador is brought to life by the sheer desire and passion to bring women shoes that make them look and feel their most confident. It is this core branding strategy that has made them such a weapon in the footwear industry, as even celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Emma Watson have added the shoes to their wardrobes as staple fashion pieces. With a design mindset of never carrying through with anything they do not believe in or support entirely, the women who have made this brand such a phenomenal success have done so knowing that the modern woman wants shoes that are as comfortable as they can be, so that they can soar through their busy schedules – no matter what the agenda is for the day.

A further testament to the brand’s roaring success, its first New York store has opened recently, with the brand making their way – and their mark – firmly in the chaos that is the Big Apple. With stunning collaborations under their belts, the women behind the successful brand are on a path to heightened success, a path that is being forged thanks in no small part to their dedication and passion for designing, creating, and bringing shoes to live that are handmade and striking to the eye. Considering that we are constantly on our feet (especially in this modern era of constant chaos), our shoes should be the most comfortable thing we wear. Brands that embody the ideal of comfort and bring it together to positively collide with the concept of style are the brands that will continue to make it, rather than falling in and out of the market’s target areas. The handmade shoe is designed around the ideal of combining comfort with fashion in a way that not only works, but that thrives beyond expectation, and Frēda Salvador is just one modern shoe band bringing handmade shoes back to the table in a sustainable, exciting way.

The handmade shoe is a concept that the modern world had seemed to have forgotten about, but brands like Frēda Salvador and its creators Papay and Palomo-Nelson are redefining comfort by bringing back the handmade shoe and trumping the market all in one foul swoop. Handmade shoes are comfortable on a level that, frankly, mass produced, technologically forged footwear cannot compare with. The handmade shoe’s legacy was its sheer comfort, and now brands are working to not only bring that level of comfort back to the market, but they are doing so by adding flares of modern style that make these shoes a wardrobe stable that the world is salivating over. In a truly full-circle evolutionary track, the handmade shoe has come back to life, and it is coming back better and stronger than ever before.

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