What is adventure travel and why it is taking the 2018 by storm


Adventure travel is being hoisted into the spotlight with the help of social media and the public’s desire for experiences. More people are spending money on travel. More people don’t want to miss out on wild opportunities at the location they are traveling to. This has lead to an increase in the adventure seekers who have coined adventure travel as a feasible normal thing to do.

Adventure travel is exactly what it sounds like. Travelers may have started to get bored along the line and decided to start climbing trees and jumping off of bridges. Regardless, there are many travelers who are focused on the extreme sport aspect or unordinary experience that could come with taking a trip. This subculture started as just that exactly—a subculture. It has grown into something that normal travelers are considering as well.

Fingers can most likely be pointed to in the increase in traveling and the increase in social media. Millannials want to live for experiences and do unique things to show their friends. This adventure travel trend is one we can see carrying into the upcoming years.

There are many reasons that this adventure travel phenomenon is becoming more of a thing. One of the reasons is the ability to create eye catching contentin other words, it looks cool. With an increase in people broadcasting their travel experience, there is also an increase in the cool adventures people are going on. This is content that people are captivated by and wanting to watch more than traditional travel videos.

People are beginning to travel to a variety of locations that are not the norm of travel. Some influencers are focused on going to locations where they can do crazy tricks or skydive. There is an increase in the amount of people wanting to explore the world and experience adventure—not just the typical resort travel.

Traveling to remote countries is made possible by sites helping adventurous travelers acquire an esta visa or anything else they need.

As previously mentioned, the development of this generation’s ability to produce top shelf content from their phone is a huge part of adventure travel. People are seeing others take wild trips and they then have the confidence to try things themselves. This also can be attributed to the increase in the population that spends money on experiences rather than physical items.

This has lead to an increase in influencers on Instagram that are glamorizing adventure travel. This is a good thing because it shows travelers the life experiences that they could be having that are unique such as: rock climbing, skydiving or trying out a rope course in the rain forest. The possibilities are endless and easier to market with the development of social media content production.

There will be shifts and more competition in the travel industry. Marketers are trying to speak to this adventurous audience who might be hard to read due to the adventurous wild card nature of it all. Companies are looking to market their location and some companies are looking to capitalize on products. There are rock climbing equipment companies fighting to be at the cutting edge—as well as other adventure gear brands.

Locations are becoming more about things to do that will feed the adrenaline junkies. This is allowing for a variety of places to become travel destinations.  Adventure travelers will go just about anywhere and do anything that poses a physical challenge. This trend is almost creating a subculture that the travel industry will start to cater to more and more in the coming years.

This is causing some locations to scramble for adventure ideas, but it also is expanding the travel product industry more than anything. Companies are thinking of what is the next item that can be used by people in these situations. Athletic clothing is a simple one. There are shoes being made for all terrains, climbing and any adventure one’s heart desires. Bladder style water bottles are becoming a closet essential as you would think of socks or jeans.

This trend is great. It is forcing people outside and to experience new things that are only a little dangerous. Without risk there is no reward, right? Travel and leisure is slowly being turned into travel and adventure, which isn’t the worst thing ever. The trend may continue to evolve until it becomes dangerous, unfortunately. But until then, it is a great way for generations to live life and stay active.

With all of this being said, get your camera ready for your next adventure.

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