Commercial vehicles open up the doors to innovation and creativity


Rental rates can be high for commercial vehicles, but the pros can outweigh the cons for businesses in need of short-term help in this area. Renting reduces the upkeep and other complications that come with owning commercial vehicles.

There are reasons that may not first come to mind when considering commercial vehicles. With the increase in entrepreneurship, there are ways to get even more creative when using these vehicles such as food trucks or even other businesses.

This is something to consider when there are peak seasons for businesses where vehicles are needed for efficiency and optimizing business strategy. Renting commercial vehicles makes sense for companies during peak business times, busy seasons, or on a project-to-project basis.

Renting isn’t just for companies lacking commercial vehicles entirely. Renting these vehicles also is handy when a company’s own vehicle breaks down during a busy season or a large project. It would be beneficial to become well-versed in surrounding vehicle-renting companies in the case that a company vehicles break down during a busy time.

Companies who are proactive when business is booming are more successful in most cases. Amazon is an example of a company that stocks up during holidays and busy seasons. This appears to help their two-day delivery business model because they are proactive in hiring short-term workers and acquiring more vehicles to deliver these massive amounts of orders. In the grand scheme of things, Amazon is one of the most successful companies when looking at a variety of markets. Amazon rolls with the punches and acquires what their business needs as seasons change. Amazon sets the bar in multiple markets and one of the contributors to success is by setting high standards, according to Inc. This may not seem directly related to commercial vehicles, but it is a business standard that teaches companies to have high standards and rent the best vehicles when the customers need it. This can be the difference between a company regarded highly by the public and a company seen as lacking. Details matter.

Renting these vehicles is also an alternative to shipping products through services such as UPS or Fed Ex. These services can get overloaded during holidays and might not be worth the convenience of using them. It is something to take into consideration when weighing the pros and cons of delivery and what works best for the business at hand.

Renting is also an option when a company is a startup and there is uncertainty. It would be a waste of time and money to go through with purchasing commercial vehicles when there isn’t a steady client-base yet.

Renting may also be an option if someone is attempting to start a food truck. Food trucks can be extremely expensive. The actual food truck can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, according to Forbes. This makes renting a great option when starting out. Straight out buying a food truck is so expensive that buying without an established cash flow would be a poor idea.  

A more interesting consideration is the increase in entrepreneurs turning to the streets to start their company. There are people creating clothing trucks in big cities instead of spending the money to lease an office building for their company. These commercial vehicles are becoming a way for businesses to get creative. This is becoming a phenomenon in New York City. The fashion fanatics are discussing bringing fashion to the streets. This is yet another reason to consider taking any business to the street by renting a commercial vehicle and giving this a shot. This is a new and innovative way to reach potential customers.

There are a variety of commercial vehicles to be rented for different reasons. Some companies offer a variety of options of vehicles and some specialize in certain niche vehicles. An example is U-Haul, which targets companies, families and individuals who are moving. U-Haul is doing well due to the increase in people renting and not buying homes, according to Forbes.

ORIX, an industry leader in fleet management, offers a variety of commercial vehicles including trucks, trailers, vans and 4WDs. That being said, there are many options when looking to rent that can fit the specific needs of a company or individual. Other providers include: Penske, Enterprise and Budget truck rental.

Commercial vehicles give companies the change to make their own deliveries or even sell straight out of these vehicles. With that being said, these vehicles are pricey and often better off when rented in the initial phases of businesses.

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