Social media is fashion’s new front window


The world today is not the same as it was even twenty years ago. Mammoth advancements and incredible innovations have led to the digital disruptions that have paved the way for ta digitally-dependent future. This future is riding on ensuring the balance between the connectivity that digitisation provides and the isolation of technological dependence. Regardless of the intricacies of stepping into this future, individuals, industries, even entire societies are embracing technological advancement and evolution, and using it to their full advantage. The reality is that technology makes our lives easier, more convenient, and faster than ever before. Most (if not all) industries have been given a technological revitalisation, giving them a stronger foundation going forward into this next digitally-expansive era. If websites are business’ new stores, and digital marketing is the new bridge between consumer trust and loyalty and brand awareness and utilisation, then social media is the new storefront window.

Over 800 million people take to Instagram every month to expand their virtual presence, effectively emboldening their online representation of the self. With such a phenomenally massive audience, harnessing the power of social media can be tricky business. Global domination is a feat that has previously been next to impossible, only being achieved by the rare few in any given industry. These days, however, brands can use digital advancements like the internet itself, websites, apps, and social media platforms to expand their brand and connect with their audience on a global level. It is a profound innovation, and while brand marketing may not have been the initial sole focus for social media platforms, all of them have fully embraced the benefits of allowing brands to market using their platforms.

Even so, it literally pays to be conscious of your audience when using social media as an extension of your brand. An honest mistake or an unfortunate misstep can cause the imminent collapse of even the most established brands on the planet. Even some of the world’s biggest names in fashion have made fatal mistakes, effectively ruining their own reputation as well as that of their brand. On social media, and with such global connectivity available so easily to most, awareness not only of the audience you want to capture but the world you live in and the acceptability of what is and is not okay is an invaluable trait, and not one to be underestimated.

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are centred around the concept that aesthetic awareness is one of the cornerstones in keeping those around us (both physically and virtually) invested in what we have to offer. Visual marketing is one of the most powerful strategies that a brand can encompass, and it is certainly one of the most lucrative. In a world where we all (especially those of us in the younger generations and those to come) invest so much time and energy into our devices – and consequently social media platforms and the like – having marketing tactics in place that maximise virtual impact is one of the most valuable things brands can trust in and use to their utmost advantage. Gone are the days where brands had to rely on solely old-school marketing trends and long-term strategies, and consumers had to spend valuable hours hunting the streets for the latest fashion trends and styles; everything has gone online, and social media is the storefront window that draws in the masses from around the world. When social media is your shop window, and the internet runs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and connected the entire world, the potential for global impact is virtually immeasurable.

To brands and businesses all over the world, social media is an advertising and marketing campaign that never seems to stop turning. Brands that sell women’s Italian shoes, active wear, sunglasses, or even a wide array of clothes use Instagram to quite literally bring their vision and mission to life through video and photograph advertisements and posts. Social media is not just the way that a brand carries itself, but the online embodiment of how it carries itself. Fashion brands that use social media to pinpoint their audience and then gravitate their entire movement towards that audience not only sent themselves soaring ever higher above the competition, but they have a stronger chance of safeguarding long-lived brand loyalty and consumer trust.

Social media is the new storefront for businesses the world over. Never have we seen anything the likes of the kind of technological advancement and innovation that is currently washing over the planet an everything in its path. The entire world has shifted to align with the inevitability of a future that is undeniably dependent on technology, digitisation, and advancement in the field. Social media is just one of the many gateways to global digitisation, but it is one of the most powerful to industries like the fashion business. As the industry continues to grasp a strong understanding of just what these tech innovations mean, they are beginning to use social media as virtual extensions of their brand, effectively moving them into the next phase of digital transition.


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