Tourism improving Turkish economy


There is something incredibly exciting about picking out one’s next vacation destination. From finally narrowing down the choices to booking the flights, the excitement never seems to cease. And while there are fan favourites that continue to draw in the masses from around the globe year after year, there are some equally as stunning (and perhaps even better) destinations that are ripe for discovery and exploration. When travellers envision the perfect summer escape, Turkey is often cast aside in favour of other, more renowned destinations. Luckily for travellers though, more and more people are discovering all the glistening natural beauty and the old-world charm that Turkey has to offer. Framed by the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, eastern Europe, and western Asia, this stunning nation is home to culture, history, natural wonder, and inescapable beauty. Rather than visiting the same vacation spots as millions of other people this year, Turkey is the place to be. With all its attractions and largely (and unfairly) overlooked characteristics, this wonderful part of the world will no doubt soon have the same claim to fame in the travel universe as the Greek Islands or the Italian countryside.

Since late 2017, the hype around Turkey has been building and this year it has begun to ignite a full-scale obsession among the wanderers of the world. In April of this year, Turkey outperformed mainland Spain and the Canary islands by becoming a more popular tourist destination. Tourists can enlist in the assistance of a visa service to help them get their travel documentation sorted out as quickly and efficiently as possible before they go about their travels to this unique place. The ease of getting the necessary documents to see this wondrous country is just the tip of the iceberg. Turkey is also astonishingly beautiful, full of life, and ripe for the picking.

Çirali is as low key a destination as one can expect in Turkey, but is equally as beautiful as its surrounding counterparts. Framed by mountains and stunning coastline, this little slice of Turkish paradise is a dream in and of itself. Fifteen minutes south of the beach leads you to the ruins of Olympos. Olympos is a city that dates back past the medieval pirates and the Romans, to at least the Greeks (and possibly even further). Twenty minutes to the north is a similar ancient site, Phaselis. This ancient ruin is a little more popular among the tourists and the locals, and for good reason – as well as being able to wander around the ruins, Phaselis has three coves surrounding its fractured walls where people can jump off the ancient harbour walls and swim among the ruins of the old breakwaters. It is true that Egypt is home to the ancient pyramids and China is home to the great wall, but nowhere in the world has ancient history that you can engage with so openly quite like Turkey.

Another shimmering jewel of Turkey is Cappadocia. This area is home to the infamous social media shots of hot air balloons and bursting sunlight over a landscape of “honeycomb hills”. Visitors can pay to take a balloon and champagne breakfast tour through the skies over the expansive landscape, literally taking it all in from a bird’s eye view. And when you put your feet back on the ground, you can visit the thermal baths, taste the unique and delicious cuisine, and continue exploring to see sights like Ephesus and Aya Sofya. There is no shortage of places to go, things to do, and experiences to see and feel in Turkey, and this is just one of the more known allures to the country. The entire region is peppered with hidden jewels that make up the foundation of this special place.

Not only is Turkey the traveller’s ultimate escape, but it can now literally be a home away from home for travellers from around the world. As of January last year, Turkey began to grant citizenship to any foreigner who buys property over $1 million, and this year there is a proposal to lower the incentive to as low as $300,000. Additionally, the government is currently in talks to eliminate the 1% VAT tax that applies to foreigners opting to pay using their native currency. This investment in Turkey’s future could be a direct aid to sowing the issues that the locals face, including the depreciation of the Turkish lira. For travellers, Turkey can be the perfect home away from home. With so many hopeful and promising ideas being introduced, now is the time to become a part of Turkey, the magical country home to a dizzying array of sparkling wonder and kaleidoscopic colour. Turkey will not remain on the backburner of traveller’s minds for long; by the end of 2018, it could well become a leading destination among travellers, and it is already well on its way to achieving this goal.

Every year, millions of people flock to the same fan favourites for travel destinations. And while each of these places has earned their reputation, there is a lot to be said for some of the lesser-known parts of the world; specifically, Turkey. Home to a rich culture, ancient history, friendly people, and stunning natural beauty, this country should not only be on your bucket list, but it should be the next destination that you visit. It will not be long before the rest of the world discovers all that Turkey has to offer – jump in now and be among the first to bring its beauty to the world. And who knows, maybe you will even fall in love and invest in your own slice of Turkish paradise.

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