Is conventional education becoming outdated?


There are many experiences in the average person’s life that will test them and test them again. University is one of them. Overall, graduate school seems to take a lot of out of a person.Over four years, students are exhausted, trying to balance working to maintain a steady and reliable income and studying to ensure their grades reflect their goals. That is why nowadays many students choose to take online courses to get a more specific specialization instead of diving deep into studying in universities. It is a stressful period in a student’s life, and it is all consuming. University simply is not worth it for everyone, but the knowledge of how hard it will be should not put off prospective students when they are trying to decide if university is the right environment and life path for them. There should always be questions but, as with most things, sometimes the questions are more important than the answers. Like the students before them, the students in the graduating class of 2020 weighed in on various factors when ultimately deciding which university they wanted to go to. The future generations will ask the same questions – maybe even more of them.

It can be difficult to ultimately decide if graduate school is the right move for an individual, and to make the decision requires a lot of forward thinking. Ultimately though, having a degree in this evolving world we currently live in has never been more invaluable. There is a pay gap in some industries between college graduates and the rest of the workforce, and that pay gap speaks for the economy’s necessity for university graduates. While there are obviously other ways to get certified in certain fields and what not, some fields require a graduate school degree to even consider potential candidates, while others sometimes prefer candidates that have a degree of some kind. While this is not true for every industry, it certainly is for some lines of work. University graduates face a lot of hurdles when they first enter the workforce after completing graduate school. Not only are they coming out of grad school with a debt to pay off, but many come out of university not having invested in advice from a debt calculator to really understand what that debt means. Advice such as that is incredibly valuable as students become professionals in their fields, and it pays (literally) to understand it in its core and its depths.

During their university years, the stresses of examinations and assessments on top of assessments can often make a student feel as though they have perhaps made an ill-fated decision. When stressed, it is so easy to lose sight of the end goal. In these moments, perseverance is key. The value is having a degree puts graduates in an advantageous position, as they can earn a living in a profession that they genuinely love. For most graduates, they go to university or college simply because their chosen field requires it. For this reason, pushing through the difficult phases of the experience is so important. It is better to struggle through the stages of studying and end up with a career one loves, than to give up because it became difficult and end up with a career that one does not genuinely enjoy.

Additionally, the value of going to graduate school is virtually impossible to calculate because of what it gives students – confidence. By the time a student leaves university with their degree in their hand, they have amassed people skills and problem solving skills that make them readier for the workforce than ever. Most often, students enter into their university careers scared, shy, and afraid to make their voices heard. The good news is that grad schools are built around giving their students a voice, so speaking up and being outspoken is encouraged and celebrated. Once students learn this, they speak up more, they grow more, and ultimately they find out more about themselves than ever before.

The value of knowing how to communicate with those around you in any circumstance or setting give graduates an edge over their competition once they begin looking for a career. At graduate school, communication is key. Students that go out of their way not only to make their voices heard, but support their peers teach themselves skills that can only help them as they make their way into the workforce. Being able to communicate with prospective employers, partners, clients, and consumer bases gives students invaluable tools to heighten their skills and expand their careers.

Graduate school is not the right path in life for everyone. Some individuals thrive in a university environment, going to lectures and acing their assessments, while others despise the very notion of choosing to sit in classrooms and examination halls for a further four years. There is nothing wrong with either path in life, but those that choose to go to graduate school give themselves an edge – in more ways than one. Learning the value of confidence, time management, and communication can be tools and skills that students take with them into the workforce, putting them on a higher level of understanding than their fellow professional candidates. Having a degree has never been as invaluable as it is now, and the value is only going to increase as time goes on.

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