Cell phones are becoming the new medium of entertainment

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Smartphones are becoming more and more convenient by day. Over the last decade, the use of phones has only increased and that growth is said to be continued until 2021. In a report by BI Intelligence, an estimate of 2.1 billion shipped units was forecasted in the global smartphones market. It has been noted through many pieces of research that people utilize a lot of their time on their cell phones. According to a study by Asurion, for instance, Americans check their phones 80 times a day. In the current day phones are more a source of entertainment than merely calling a friend. The increasing numbers of apps downloaded demonstrate that now people want all their information on their phones. Phones today have multiple functions; they are used for communication, productivity, organization, watching videos, creating bitmojis, and even as sources of news and updates on sports. Therefore, it can be assumed that entertainment is now available on the cell phones we always have in our hands.

One of the most common ways of communication today is through social media. Social media is not only a way to speak to friends and family but also to know about current affairs, post opinions, meeting people and is even a platform for marketing. Social media applications, usually taking up space as most downloaded apps in the world, are one of the biggest forms of entertainment. A few features of social media have made it more of a replacement of traditional media. Features like Facebook’s Trending Topics, become the main source of being updated with the current affairs locally and globally. Most traditional media is now on social media influencing the manner in which information is transmitted to the audience. Around 62% of adults actually get their new on social media, according to Pew Research Center. That in itself demonstrates the major influence of social media in people’s day-to-day lives.

Watching videos and shows on the phones is another source of entertainment for most people today. In just a few years the percentage of people using smartphones to stream videos doubled and that percentage is said to be continuously increasing. According to research, using phones for TV services like Netflix and Hulu accounted for around 33% of the time people spent of their phones in 2015. With reason, because of people’s schedules and overload of work, services like Netflix are much easier to use than watching TV. Moreover, one can easily be watching a streaming service on their phones and even while traveling. Some say that Netflix and other streaming services have not just changed the manner in which people view TV but also the way it is created. Many shows can now create video content that really demonstrates the plot-line without having to make it match up to TV-timings. It is also a much easier way to watch movies than to go to theaters or waiting for the movies to be premiered on television. “Netflix and chill” a statement very commonly used by millenials today is definitely becoming a lifestyle choice.

However, video and news are not the only reason people spend so much time on their phones. A lot of time spent on cell phones accounts to gaming and sports. The gaming industry has grown a lot through cell phones. According to a study, games on cell phone devices are making four times more revenue than games on Nintendo and Sony handheld devices. Moreover, the benefits of gaming for children’s mind and personality development have been coming into light. These researches are influencing parents in order to allow children more gaming time, hence, making games on phones and tablet devices even more popular. As for sports, cell phones have not only made them easier to watch, but also to buy tickets on, communicate about and even bet on.  More websites and apps are focusing on allowing users to buy tickets more easily and effectively. Also, the use of an online betting website is making it easier for people to bet because of secure services and better options. Phones therefore really are becoming the ultimate way for people to have entertainment.

It can be assumed that phones are going to continue to grow as people’s main source of entertainment. Every day there is a new innovation in the area of technology and more ways to get people to stay on their phones. One of the latest examples could be IGTV by Instagram which allows vertical long form videos on Instagram. IGTV can become one of YouTube’s largest competitors in a short time because it has made it easier to create, market, publish and watch video content. However, traditional media will continue to grow as people still use it as a form of entertainment, although the methods of using it might change with time. Phones are creating a whole new world for people where information, communication and entertainment are at people’s fingertips. These innovations are leading to a better educated and knowledgeable world. There are many other ways in which phones might be a source of entertainment and it will be interesting for people to see the manner in which creativity and innovation on phones continue to grow.

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