Malaysia, the up and coming destination for Indians


Obtaining a Malaysian visa for Indians was thought to be a complicated and arduous processes with very difficult legalese that makes the eyes cloud over, however, I was pleasantly surprised and this is why Malaysia is becoming the next destination for Indians looking for a quick getaway.

It seems that travel guidelines are always changing around the world, which is really no surprise. What I was surprised by, though, is how concise the instructions were.

Malaysia allows Indians who have valid passports from India to apply online either directly or through any number of online portals where Malaysian visa for Indians help is offered.

When researching for tips on how to apply for a Malaysian visa, do be careful of what service you choose. This is good advice for just about anything online, actually. Choosing a service that has a track record of  helping individuals get their visa is just as important as making sure said individuals feel they have had a pleasant experience doing so.

There are 2 companies that appeared to be the best in terms of actually using their service to help you through the process: iVisa and eVisa. Both companies offer a list of what documents you need to send to the service, and the fees associated with the service such as taxes, processing fees, plus the actual application fee.. Once that is done, the actual submission of those documents are done for you. Both companies offer you electronic confirmation of each step of the process and electronic proof that is printable of your receipt of your Malaysian Visa. Now, that can be very convenient for many because in as little as a few days you can have the visa, as opposed to waiting a few weeks for a paper version or hard copy. It is wise to check with the service to see exactly how much time you will wait to receive your electronic visa.

If you prefer to go about obtaining your Malaysian visa for Indians alone, then have no fear, for these nit and grit tips should be of some help. The process for applying is identical to what you will go through with a service. The only difference is that you are filing out the forms and doing the actual submission.

The necessary documents for those applying for a  Malaysian visa coming from India need to have an original passport, passport size photo, accommodations confirmation; be it hotel or relative’s residence, flight information, and an itinerary. An interesting thing to note is that if a citizen of India is not currently coming from India but from another country, you may apply as well. Boom, that’s it.

Anyone applying for a Malaysian visa from India has three choices of visa types or names. One visa allows you to stay for 7 days, while the other 2 types allows 15 and 20 days stay respectively.

The visa’s validity is for a 30 day maximum stay. If you use a service and receive an electronic visa, also known as evisa, they can only be used for one visit. Each subsequent visit to Malaysia requires a new application.

It seems that you can check the validity of your visa identification number online at the official government site. This seems useful because you can make sure when exactly your visa expires if you misplace that information.

When arriving at the border, however, you should bring along your electronic visa or evisa, money to cover your stay in cash or credit/debit card form, proof of a return flight and your accommodations proof. If you have these documents handy, you can get a visa approved after waiting some time in the  possible line, but on your arrival.

Another nit and grit tip is to remember that most countries within the Asian continent tend to have transactions done in local currency only, so make sure that the amount you bring with you once converted will be more than enough for your stay. Also remember that the currency exchange may vary from place to place as you try to make an exchange, so try and research the current exchange rates and snoop around for a low exchange rate if possible. If you have not exchanged your money into the local currency, you can find places that can do it for you, including hotels.

Many people feel safe ordering online to make purchases, and yet still so many do not. If you choose to use an online service to help you with your Malaysia visa application process, you can be rest assured that your information is safe.

Going at the application process alone, you can find updated information in terms of what documents you may use. Either option is definitely worth checking out to make sure that documentation is the least of your worries for your trip.

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