The Undying Traditions of Wedding Trends

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It is a known fact that flowers can brighten a person’s day. Whether it is driving in between sunflower fields in the countryside, a bouquet “just because”, or even the biggest day in a couple’s lives, flowers have a way of brightening any experience, any occasion. In practically every major life event – and also just in life in general – flowers are symbols of appreciation, of style, of love. More than simply giving or receiving flowers, it is about the meaning behind them. Every engaged couple has an idea in mind for their big day. For some, it is a low-key affair with flower petals lining the aisle and the reception tables. For others, their wedding is a lavish affair, with flowers draping every inch of the venue.

As the budget for the wedding rises, so does the allocation allowed for flowers at the wedding and reception on the day. This is mostly because the flowers are quite often a priority for the happy couple. Some brides prefer the less traditional bouquets and instead opt for other creative centrepieces, like literal puppies or bouquets constructed out of chocolate or donuts. While these ideas are no doubt unique, there is something timeless and elegant about the touch of florals that detail most couple’s wedding day. There are even new innovations that are being brought to life that ensure the longevity of a couple’s wedding flowers long after the day is done. Brooklyn-based artist Cara Piazza runs an incredible business venture where she offers a unique service to brides in the New York area. For a price, she will turn the bride’s bouquet into kimonos, giving the bride the perfect keepsake of her dig day while making use of the waste that is the leftover flowers after the ceremony.

Beautiful, unique thoughts like this can make for everlasting memories that are quite out of the box, ensuring that the happy couple will hold them dear and remember them for years to come. Some florists will literally come back to the venue, go through the flowers, and bunch the ones that still flourish to give to wedding guests and the couple as mementos – these florists go above and beyond, putting in even more hours to give the couple the day that they deserve.

It may sound like such a small detail, but flowers are honestly one of the most intricate, meaningful parts of a couple’s big day. Perhaps the ceremony is surrounded by lilies, the bride’s favourite flower. Maybe the reception is at a remote location, surrounded by trees and drapery crafted from the most delicate wildflowers. No matter the personal style or budget of an engaged couple, there are floral options to suit all personal styles and budgets. On their wedding day, nobody wants to be cutting flowers and arranging them. There is a very good reason that the couple does not do this on their big day – the biggest and greatest day of their lives is designed for them, not for them to be arranging it themselves. That is where the wedding florists come in.

Wedding florists are the ultimate stylists. Their craftsmanship and passion for their work can often be the difference between the ultimate in wedding decoration and a doozy that misses the mark. While it is not at all uncommon – or discouraged – to come to the meetings with the florist full to the brim with ideas, inspiration, and preferences, a couple must walk into that first meeting with realistic expectations. Sometimes, the Pinterest board must be altered, sometimes the mood board should be scrapped. There are so many moving pieces, so many alternating factors, that go into flowers for occasions like weddings that it is near impossible (without excessive research and know-how, that is) but a couple to walk into their first meeting with their chosen wedding florist, explain what they want, and get it down to the finest details.

Flowers are not always in season and do not always bloom and look their best at the time of the nuptials. Sometimes the flowers simply are unavailable for whatever reason. The flowers might not match the dress or the feel that the couple have in mind. It could even be as simple as the couple being given new ideas and putting their original thoughts out the window to make room for the florist’s more experienced, structured ideas. From the flowers decorating the venue and swelling out from constructed arches and sweeping vases, to the flower bouquet of the bride and those of her bridesmaids, flowers are the be all and end all for most wedding decoration.

The perfect floral arrangement at a wedding can elevate a couple’s big day tenfold and can prove to be the perfect backdrop to all the wedding photographs and video footage. Regardless of if the couple is a laidback pair with simple elegant style, or an extravagant couple that thrives off lavish details (or somewhere in the middle), the flowers quite often prove to be the statement pieces at any wedding ceremony and reception. Tailored to the newlyweds, the flower arrangements can be preserved or turned into keepsakes after the conclusion of the day. The flourishing beauty of the natural blooms at the ceremony and reception are the perfect introduction to the eternity that awaits the couple as they make the transition from fiancés to being happily married.

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