Studies show that a clean house is a happy home

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Spring cleaning is the perfect time to throw out the old and ring in the new season with a refreshing look for the house. Often times, homeowners engage in deep spring cleaning as an opportunity to throw away old and worn out clothes, minimize space in closets, and dust away dirt resting on the blinds and cabinets. Although getting rid of unnecessary items and minimalizing the living space is an excellent place to start when deep cleaning, there are some parts of the home that are probably neglected that needs real tender love and care.

Floors, kitchen appliances, and air conditioners are often forgotten or overlooked when it comes to deep cleaning. Investing in services that specializes in these areas of the home can save homeowners time and energy from cleaning themselves. If on a budget, there are also several DIY projects and cleaning solutions that are available to tackle nasty grout from bathroom tiles and build up dirt from carpets and couches.

Floor Stripping
Floor stripping is known to be labor intensive and a time-consuming service. Investing in floor stripping services can be worth the dollars in the long run and a way to clean away years of accumulated debris and old wax from the floors. If homeowners are planning to strip their floors, it’s best to hire a professional company because if done incorrectly, there is a high chance the floor could have permanent damage.

If homeowners are also looking for a new aesthetic feel for the entire home, switching out the floors can be another option. There is a variety to choose from whether it be switching to tiles, wood, or marble and can be another fun decorating project for the home.

Air conditioning maintenance
Air quality is an essential part of one’s health, yet air conditioning units are often neglected – sometimes even for years. Imagine the dirt, debris, and dust that are found floating in the air and then getting trapped inside air-conditioning units themselves. The air then continues to circulate throughout the home spreading bacteria and mold.

Changing air-conditioning filters are essential and must frequently be changed because it impacts the quality of the air people are breathing. There are several types of filters including disposable paper filters and reusable filters with metal frames.

Kitchen Appliances
There’s more to kitchen maintenance than wiping down countertops and tables and one area that will probably demand the most attention would be the oven. Ovens should be cleaned once every couple of months and although there are DIY options, investing in a cleaning service could be worth the price to get all the gritty food from the surfaces and racks.

The refrigerator is another kitchen appliance and one that probably needs to be cleaned more frequently. Cleaning out old food and condiments is one way to start, but scrubbing down the walls, racks, and compartments with proper cleaning chemicals and sanitizations is highly recommended.

Tub and shower tiles
One of the worst feelings is showering in a dirty bathroom – especially since the whole idea is to get clean in the first place. Scrubbing out tile grout build up can be a tedious job but the longer one waits, the harder it becomes to clean. There are simple solutions to removing grout including using handy power tools or a screwdriver to do the trick.  Another easy to make a DIY cleaning solution for cleaning the bathtub would be mixing 1:1 dish liquid and white vinegar.

Bathrooms have a higher potential for mold growth since it is a warm and damp environment, but can be easily controlled with these cleaning habits.  

Couches and Carpets
The living space is a welcoming place for visitors, friends, and family but also has the most traffic with the potential of bringing in dirt and germs from the outdoors. Deep cleaning of the couch and carpet should be on a prioritized cleaning list. Simple solutions like dry natural carpet cleaners or purchasing a carpet cleaning machine may be worth the investment in the long run. Couches and carpets are always prone to stains and dirt, therefore maintaining a cleaning ritual for these areas every couple of months can leave the living space looking organized and feeling refreshed.

Overall, the way a home looks and feels is a huge reflection on the person and their lifestyle habits. Deep cleaning is essential and can pay off in the long run by keeping the body immune from potential germs and bacteria that can be accumulated in spaces such as the air conditioner. Investing time in creating a cleaning checklist can be helpful in organizing daily and monthly routines. Assigning one monthly cleaning project will have the home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed all year long without the stress of tackling everything in one day.


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