Environmental awareness is a necessity


Environmental awareness has always been a point of relative interest, but in recent years it has been elevated to new heights. As issues of climate change and human impact become more and more common, the concern for the future of planet Earth becomes more desperate, more emotional. Entire ecosystems are being brutalised and tormented. Human activity is literally damaging the environment to the point of nearing no return – the planet is heating up, melting icebergs and causing ocean levels to rise. Our presence is literally causing Earth to go into a state of shock, and the longer that we let it continue, the harder it will be to make environmentally conscious choices that can have lasting impact. As the call for change becomes more desperate, more and more parents are hoping to raise their children to be conscious of their impact on not only the people and things around them, but the environment as a whole.

Saving the planet sounds like a monumental task because it is, but it is also one that is no longer a glorified ideal, but an absolute necessity. Environmental awareness is detrimental to the survival of the planet, and therefore the survival of all who inhabit it. From desert to ocean and rainforest to snow-covered alps, there is not a single environment that has not been impacted by issues, whether it be climate change, human interference, mother nature herself, or simply a rejuvenation or extermination of a species (either naturally or imposed by humanity). With so much destruction happening near constantly, the concern for environmental awareness and the future of the planet continues to increase, bordering on desperation. If nothing is done immediately, desperation will turn into despair, and the harrowing effects of humanity and climate change will have pulled the planet apart beyond the point of return. If nothing is done, humanity could be the cause of the next mass extinction event.

Entire ecosystems are shifting, changing to adapt to the impacts of environmental destruction. Deforestation is devastating forest-dwelling populations. Illegal and over-fishing is destroying the oceans. Trophy hunting and ivory hunting are both responsible for the senseless murders of innocent animals at the hands of disgusting “human beings” that have the inconceivable notion that the planet belongs to them. Climate change is causing the oceans to heat up, killing the coral that is destined to survive in cooler waters. Predators like the polar bear are beginning to die because the safety of hunting from the icebergs is dissipating as the ice melts at an increasingly alarming rate. Climate change and environmental awareness movements have the ability and the means necessary to have a profound impact on the issues that the environment currently faces, as well as any future problems that may arise.

The immediate urgency of climate change has developed to such a point that the voices of the outspoken are perhaps already too late. But there is hope, and it is sprouting from the most unlikely of places. The environmental field has all but embraced social media entirely, using it to raise awareness and produce tangible impact on environmental awareness. This has been successfully done (and continues to be done) through online fundraisers and video sharing (among other things). While it seems like a matter of mindless sharing, the voice that advocates for the environment (and all those that call some aspect of it home) is getting louder, it is gaining more traction, it is becoming angrier. People are making changes in their lives to tackle climate change, whether it be installing solar panels on their rooftops or taking more public transport. There are big changes too.

People are finally understanding – in no small part due to technology – the consequences of environmental destruction for humanity’s selfish desires. In the ultimate irony, it is technology born of human creation that could significantly contribute to the saving of the environment and subsequently, the future of the planet. People are more aware than ever before about the concerns impacting the environment globally, thanks to the internet and the videos being spread and shared consistently, keeping the issues are the forefront of media platform consumer’s minds.

Earth has been home to millions of species, hundreds of evolutions, and multiple eras. In all its existence, planet Earth has persevered, continuing despite all odds. Being shattered, beaten, and broken, and being reborn from the ashes time and time again. These new beginnings have not come without losses, but they have made Earth and its surviving inhabitants stronger, more agile. Humanity is by far the most harrowing species that Earth has kindly played home to, and we are the only species to change the planet to reap our own benefits in a way that carves and sculpts the planet so drastically. Environmental awareness has never been more important than it is today. If the planet is to regain the status of the beautiful, abundant oasis that it once was, humanity must take immediate action. The time for action was yesterday, but action today is better than never making the conscious choice to change. No other species thrives on every single continent, in every country, across every ocean. It is up to humanity to save the planet. The time is now.

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