How to make money with a laser cutter

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Laser cutters are becoming more popular due to how efficient they are. Easy to weld and with a pin-point accuracy, it is used in schools and also used in the construction of a house. Boss Laser offers a slew of different machines for different uses, from gun production to industrial services, it can easily become an investment for those who are both handy and business-minded. Creativity is a plus.

If you are looking to do something with your hands and from the comfort of home, without having to answer to any higher ups, this is exactly what you are looking for.

Certainly, engravers are a new industry that caters to those in search of custom products. It can be something as simple as a name on a metal disc, to something that requires a little more skill such as jewelry. But the first step to breaking into the market is by purchasing a laser cutter.

Strategy Today suggests that everyone should start with something no less than 25 watts. This will allow you the most control over what you will be able to create. They also say to go with something that is at least 12″ x 24″ for ease of convenience.

Before starting your enterprise with big dreams, hoping for a quick return, one should practice by starting DIY projects and building one’s reputation as a laser cutter. A rather easy project would be to make labels for the house and offering to create similar products for friends and family. Other potential projects include phone casings, something that is used by almost anyone with a smart phone. Plus, they make great gifts too.

One way to profit from your machine is to provide your services or to rent it out. Pricing is something to be taken into consideration when deciding to go down this line as there are no hard and fast rules to how much it should cost. However, deeper research into this shows that you could potentially earn from a 20000% markup. How is that possible? By taking a 3 cent material and selling it at $6 after you have polished it off with your laser, is what A&E put forth as an example.

Tom Bernard, an entrepreneur of over 30 years in the line of creating products from his laser cutter treats it not just as a business, but a brand. He took the idea of purchasing special matte boards and customizing them into the logos of corporations, giving the end product some fragrance and ended up selling them as car fresheners. If you are able to lock down a large client, you would not even need to look elsewhere to make your bread and butter. He is passionate about creating a brand which can be trusted and when you have built up a repertoire, you are pretty much set. The only struggle here is to come up with new and innovative ideas which stay fresh and desirable.

One cheap trick is to check other handcrafted stores like Etsy to glean inspiration from. There is no one stopping you from visualizing something and then setting out to bring it to life with some creativity, therefore you are not limited to merely engraving possessions, creating rubber stamps and acrylic decorations. It is even feasible to create a drone from a laser cutter.

A quick search on the internet will reveal sets of instructions that will guide you through setting up the molds and designs for your drone and how to best go about it. A user on Instructables, a website dedicated to tutorials, posted an image of his drone and the picture his drone took with the comment: “the photo you see was taken from my first ever copter which I built in 2 hours”. Safe to say, the sky is the limit.

A self proclaimed “laser junkie“, Jesse Kaunisviita, got the idea to dabble in laser crafts after a free workshop. As his passion bloomed, he began to focus on creating coasters and other decorative home products. Although he still holds a full time job, he hopes to one day be able to create full time. The only thing stopping him leaping feet first is the amount he is making.

Brand presence is extremely important to any business or company and even entrepreneurs. You have to create a following that is interested in what you do and one of the most organic and honest ways to do so is through creating content.

Do not neglect social media, it has come to play a crucial part in every business. A Facebook page or an Instagram account is invaluable on top of any other platforms you might be using to sell your products. When you reach a certain amount of followers or likes, you automatically become verified and hence, in the public’s eye, trustworthy. And consumers are more likely to buy from established brands rather than shady ones that have not proven themselves.

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