Columbia University Road Runners

Welcome to the website of Columbia University Road Runners! Here you can find information about group run times, upcoming races, and learn about our club officers

Note: From here on out we will not be sending emails to our unpaid members, so make sure to get in contact with us ASAP if you are interested in joining!

1.Group Run Schedule (what we are all looking forward to!):
If you paid your dues, you will receive a link asking what times you are available, so we can work around your busy schedules! We will be adding you to a private Facebook group if you have paid dues to see when the group runs are for that week and if there are any last minute changes. Therefore, please register (online and with dues as soon as possible) so you can get your two feet on the road!

If you would like to lead a workout/run at another time, send us an e-mail and we will add it onto our posts.

Weekends will usually be longer runs. Previous weekend runs have gone to places such as the George Washington Bridge, where runners can choose to return to campus via subway or running back. 
All group runs meet at the Sundial and are usually to Riverside Park, Central Park, a public track, or workouts in Dodge if the weather is particularly bad/it’s late at night.
2. To be officially registered!
1.) Dues for this semester are $15 for undergraduates and $18 for graduate students, faculty, and alumni.
Membership in the club will get you access to: Group runs, subsidized races, pasta parties, and other group bonding activities (yoga, Soul Cycle, or any other fun ideas you have!).
*Please try to do so as quickly as possible, especially if you want to run the upcoming races and receive the emails!
2.) This is the link you need to register for club sports officially: 
From this link, just look for Road Runners and follow the steps to get registered!
3. CURR will be providing discounts for NYRR and NIRCA Races
All members have access to cool races!!
Discounts will be provided for some NYRR races based on the interest of each individual race. E-mails will be sent out in the coming weeks for NYRR races, whether at the Armory (indoor track races), Central Park, or other parks and locations around the city.
If you would like to get a FREE NIRCA/NYRR race, please consider being a van driver (you need to be over 21 and take a test online that happens every other Friday beginning September 23rd). Contact us directly and we will get you all the details.
4. CURR Events
Apart from the running journey you will embark on soon, we will also be hosting bonding activities during the week, from smoothie nutrition sessions to pasta parties, and much more!
5. Apparel
If you saw our apparel in the past and liked it, we will be sending out an email about what the apparel will be this year. We are hoping to do Nike singlets for a cost of around $30. The more people that decide to buy, the lower the cost.
Happy running!
The E-Board of CURR

Also, be sure to visit our Facebook page.

And take this survey to find out which board member you are!

St. John’s University Fall XC Festival!



Harvard Track: Spring 2016

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Membership in CURR is permitted for all individuals enrolled in Columbia University. Membership requirements are as follows: online registration, and semester dues of $15. These dues help to fund our annual Race for Charity, entries into NYRR races, entries in National Intercollegiate Running Club Association races, and other events like pasta parties. Members receive our monthly newsletter, NYRR race entry emails, and members may participate in any and all group runs.