The Student Workers of Columbia – UAW  are currently on strike because Columbia University has not met their demands for a fair contract that includes a living wage, better healthcare, union recognition for all student workers, and protections from sexual harassment and power-based bullying.

The Institute for the Study of Human Rights urges the University to negotiate fairly, expeditiously, and productively with the students’ union to resolve the issues that the students have raised, and the RightsViews team stands in solidarity with and supports the Student Workers of Columbia (SWC-UAW Local 2110) in their strike for higher pay, adequate health and dental insurance, and neutral arbitration in cases of harassment. The RightsViews team also stands in solidarity New York University graduate students striking.

​​If you would like to support the Student Workers of Columbia – UAW please review their website  to learn about their demands and follow their socials ( twitter, instagram, and facebook) to keep informed about their work. For strikers sign up for picket shifts here and sign up for UAW strike benefits here, and read the strike FAQs here. If you would like to help feed and support striking student workers check out their Hardship Fund for Columbia Student Workers