A non-binary femme with long black hair wearing a black leather jacket
Co-Editor Jess Gallagher

Jess Gallagher (they/any) is a Human Rights MA student at Columbia University where they currently serve as the Co-Editor for RightsViews and the Co-President of the Human Rights Graduate Group (HRGG). Jess serves on the National Advisory Board, National Museum Committee, and the Collections, Archives, and Museum Inventory Committee at Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Alliance (PMPA), advocating for the creation of a National Museum of Disability History, Culture, and Civil Rights. They also work as a Production Coordinator at the Columbia Journalism School, archival researcher, writer, and served as an editorial intern at the international academic journal Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ). Their concentration in the field of human rights is disability, historical, and transformative justice. Their research focuses on disability history, pride, and culture from the 19th century to the present. Using the lens of History, Disability and Mental Health law, Abolition, Oral History, and Storytelling, Jess aims to work as a disability oral historian whose activism centers on grassroots organizing, uplifting the lived experiences of people with disabilities from across all identity markers, and preserving historical sites of conscience.




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