RightsViews is an initiative of graduate students at the ISHR, but is a space for all Columbia faculty and students to share, discuss and debate human rights issues.

Get involved, have your own research published, cover an event, or simply write about a human rights issue that interests you! To make a contribution to RightsViews, please contact our editors at [email protected].

We are very open to your ideas (e.g. a short series on a topic that you are researching, an interview with a colleague or someone you admire in your field, a photo essay using pictures from a recent trip or project etc.). We prefer to publish pieces that are analytical about a human rights related issue. They may have a persuasive spin, but we lean away from overt op-eds.

Please send us a brief pitch to our email address and we will let you know if we would like to publish your piece.

Due to a high volume of daily submissions, if you are sending in a piece for consideration and are not a part of the Columbia University community, please allow a two-week grace period for the editors to respond to your requests. Thank you for your patience.